Possible bug in Fire Stick Favorites list

New to Channels - I have Fire Stick 4K and Chromecast with Google TV.

Using Philo for streaming and HDHomeRun for live TV. Channels is set up perfectly for both. I selected my Favorite channels - 11 Favs out of 113 channels on Philo, 8 Favs out of 54 channels on HDHomeRun.

When I run Channels on Chromecast and select Favorites under Guide, I see all expected channels. But on Fire Stick, same Guide -> Favorites only shows Philo favorites. If I change "Favorites" to "All", I see all channels for both sources. All channels work fine when selected with All setting.

So issue is where are the HDHomeRun "Favorite" channels in the Channels guide?

Btw, when view guide in Windows 10 browser, Favorites works as expected, showing channels from both sources.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Okay, so I uninstalled the Channels app on the Fire Stick and reinstalled... now all the "Favorites" show up just fine. Any suggestions on how to fix this sort of issue short of uninstalling?

Did you sync you favorites to the client device? It does not do so automatically after a change. Only when you first install the app, or if you use the import option in the client settings under sources.

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You can just delete the data and not uninstall.

I did not... how is that done? (Thanks for your response!)

Like I said on the client go into the settings sources import option

Okay, I got it... thanks!