PREVIEW: Library Collections and Virtual Channels (v2021.07.16.2141)

Also had a few crashes. Submitted logs 996ab716-9082-4aaa-aa55-f61cd30141ab

Uploading crash fix


I have setup a virtual channel and getting an odd look in my guide. Is this a bug? These are 30 min episodes.


EPISODES that haven't been matched correctly in library are showing up in my virtual channels even though I chose only "movies" as a category. My workaround was to hide the shows but for some reason, they're popping up again.

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Can you show what the query was that you used?

tags=uhd categories=movie title!=[Star Wars, Harry Potter]

The episodes don't show up when I type in this query. Its. only after I hit save and OK that they show up

Are those episodes UHD?

They are. This isn't the only show it happens with, though. In other virtual channels, they'll import random episodes of other TV series as well. Typically these end up being extras or unmatched episodes from random shows

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I had the same issue adding a tv series over the weekend.

You can use groupID=movies instead.

Yea this was a bug that snuck in over the weekend. I think it is fixed now though. Make sure you're on latest and then click the gear icon next to Virtual Channels and select Guide>Refresh

Still no luck on my Apple TV. Oddly enough its fine on my shield.

Was there an answer as to where we can store the logo/images locally?

There is no local storage at the moment.

You can use dropbox for this. Just be sure to change first part of the url to and remove the text after the .png and you're golden.

Just wanted to report that I set my images for the collections and some of them show blank on my ATV. They are all 16x9 images and show fine on the webui. No big deal but I thought I would let y'all know

Could you provide the URLs?

Hang on this may be my stupid error.

I just wanted to share this experience with the Virtual Channels and collections feature:

I have been playing around with virtual channels since you made the beta capability available. I have several great channels of my own, but have not yet rolled any of it out to the family. One of my channels is a collection of videos from a youtube cooking channel that I like and subscribe "Sam the Cooking Guy". I downloaded a bunch of his videos and then created my own channel, complete with logo and the whole bit.

Well, both my wife and youngest daughter also like to watch cooking shows. In fact, I created a channels collection with all of the cooking channels we watch so it is easy to navigate and see what is on. I rolled that out some time ago and it is a big hit around here. Now, they know I watch the cooking guy, but as it is on youtube it can be a pain to find so don't watch it, my wife certainly won't bother. Well, I come into the room the other day and they are both watching my Cooking Guy virtual channel, and proudly tell me how they discovered this channel that has him on all the time. I just smiled and watched the show with them.

So very cool