Proposal to replace recordings with better quality versions (flowchart included)

I've had this on my mind for quite a very long time and never got to sit down to put it down... until now.

Here is a proposal to improve the recording algorithm with regard to replacing existing recordings if newer airings are of better quality.

I'm open to (constructive) criticism and suggestions for improvements.

I am especially interested in what the devs think. Is any of it possible? I do think so. After all, it's just software. :wink:

I'm pretty sure condition C1 is already possible because the bit rates of recordings are known/available.

I have doubts for conditions C2 and C3 because, even though you are able to report delays and interruptions in recordings, I'm not sure whether you have/keep the actual corresponding values.
Note that in normal/good conditions, C2 and C3 are always false since all values should be zero.

Also, in this flowchart, the conditions are such that the bit rate has a higher priority than delays, which have a higher priority than interruptions. In other words: C1 > C2 > C3.

We could get "fancier" than that (translation: give a bigger headache for the devs) by giving the user the possibility to change the priorities of the conditions. I didn't want to go there for today! :laughing:

Hint: if this was offered as an upgraded package with a cost, I would be the first one to say: "shut up and take my money!" :laughing:

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Noble thought, but until you get to 50 or more decision branches...
And add A.I. to watch them and compare quality.
Make sure Ru is actually what was supposed to be recorded!
Compare resolution, frame rate and audio channels.
Check for macroblocking, tearing, etc.
Make sure no audio dropouts.
Is Ru edited for time (i.e. shorter).

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You are bringing up very good points! It's true that there is more to quality than what I've mentioned.

I thought it was worth the try. :slight_smile:

I just love Flow Charts :heart_eyes:

The old Solutions Architect / Project Manager in me is so proud!


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I would love to see something similar for shows and movies that have "delayed" and "interruption" once recorded. I keep a database of my recorded movies, however, it is time consuming to keep up with trying to replace the ones that did not record properly. Plus, sometimes I end up with two recordings of the same movie. It would be nice if Channels would automatically re-record any movie that has been delayed or has interruption (when available) and also delete the recording being replaced.

If frogs had wings . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Agreed. :slight_smile:

In your case, you would just need to disable the option "Keep higher bitrate" and it would only look at delays and interruptions as shown in my flowchart. :wink:

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I'm bumping this just in case @maddox, @tmm1, or @eric happen to be browsing this category of the forums. Now that I've tagged them, they are more likely to. :grin:

I already got good feedback, thank you for your replies.
@chDVRuser brought up very pertinent points that would make it nearly impossible to do in a way that would be reliable all the time.

Nevertheless, I'm really interested to know what the devs think about this. Maybe they have already discussed a subset of this at some point and contemplated the idea of doing it to some level.

I'd just be happy with a record again button. maybe that option is available in tandem with the error message stating a recording started late or was interrupted.


Good idea!

There is an idea for this here: