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Pretty certain this is a billing issue:

I just checked my account and so far for my next bill the price is not increasing. knocking on wood

I tried DTV now when it first came out, at the discount price. But have since moved to Philo for $20 a month. I don't really need the sports networks, because the teams I follow are usually broadcast for free. And I don't need CNN. If there is a major debate that is only on CNN, they usually stream it online for free. 78 Philo TVE channels + about 80 free locals from two cities + Annual Channels DVR = $26.66/month total. And the Philo channels are pretty much just extra ("nice to have") type channels. I could easily get by without that. So, if I was struggling to save money, I would cancel the Philo and only pay for Channels-DVR...

My Go Big package is jumping from $75 to $85 in November. It looks like us grandfathered types aren't all on the same price, but just keep getting bumped up at the same time. I want to cancel since I get all locals OTA and can get locast in ATL, but there are lots of sports channels I need. Sling is close, but doesn't have the one additional channel I want. It's about $20/per month more on the new ATT pricing to get what I want versus the other options. I may just keep paying it but I hate paying for locals since I get them for free.

Additionally, I'm still seeing freezing on TVE channels from ATT TVNOW when streaming live but when I record them, I have no problem. I switch to the ATT app and they work just fine.

Keep in mind you get $25 off that price. And if you have HBO you are getting $10 off that. Not sure what will happen to our HBO when HBO MAX comes out.

Since TVE content comes from the same web source it does not matter if you have ATT or Hulu or others as it relates to quality issues.

What do you mean I get $25 off that price? An additional reason I keep it is because of the $10 discount off HBO. My bill is actually going to $90 with HBO.

Seems like a mistake. Go Big Grandfather still gets $25 discount. Mine is going to $65 with HBO @ $5

Is there a general TVE quality thread that I should be following then? I know it's in beta so I just want to be a good beta user and report issues.

I don’t know about that. But just to be clear the content comes from the same location no matter which login you use. This has been stated on multiple threads. TVE is all about the provider of the channel web site not the distributor as in ATT. LOCAST is different I believe.

Ok, thanks. In a chat with ATT TV Now. They said no mistake on my bill but are checking.


Hi Michael,

Thank you for being an AT&T TV NOW customer. We hope you have been enjoying all the endless entertainment you love—anytime, anywhere, on your favorite devices.

We wanted to let you know that as programming costs continue to rise, the price of your AT&T TV NOW package will be increasing to $60 starting with your 12/7/2019 payment.

As a long‑time streamer and early adopter, you’ll continue to save $25/mo. on your exclusive Go Big package deal.

If you do not wish to continue your subscription, as always you can log in to your account and cancel any time.

Thank you for streaming with us.

Your AT&T TV NOW Team

Makes sense. I was an early adopter but cancelled for a while and tried Hulu Live, then came back. I don't get the $25 discount.

according to the Sling TVE 'provider' thread here it seems that sling doesn't support TVE on as many channels as ATT. i was getting ready to drop ATTNow in favor of sling but that gave me pause. i also got the +$10 email. somehow i'm still getting HBO + Go Big at the $50 (now $60) price point, so maybe i need to just stay on ATT.

I am in the same boat. AT&T TV Now (Go Big Grandfather) has the most channels that I have noticed. I am pulling in 131 channels for it in the Channels DVR TVE. PS Vue which is normally the best only have 130 channels but has some channels I need and they are going away. Also, if you have HBO you are probably getting it for $5 which means you total price is $65. A $10 discount off what you would pay if your dropped AT&T TV Now.

As you know you can always fall back to the native AT&T TV Now App for channels that are not supported by TVE. Like CNN (and other Turner channels) that are only supported by PS VUE.

But if you really do not want those extra channels then maybe SLING with PHILO might be a good option. Hulu Live is also a pretty good source. I really like the Hulu On Demand with no commercial option. Also, Hulu Live can be watched on Amazon ECHO Show devices.

In the end it really depends on the channels you like. So I recommend you do a free trial and verify the channels you get from each one you are interested in.

for whatever reason i only see 121 channels, but hey, that's pretty good.

unless they are planning to raise my bill by another $5, i'm going to be paying $60, because my bills have been $50 pretty consistently. it's possible their provisioning system is in error but since they are picking my pocket here and on my cellular plan where they just graciously added 15GB of data for an additional $10 per month, i'm not going to bring it up :slight_smile:

unfortunately ATTNow seems to have dropped the Food network, but i don't think it's worth also subscribing to sling just to get that back. honestly i've had DTVNow since the beginning and hardly use it except for sporting events, mainly because ATTNow's "DVR" is completely crippled and i'm not a big live TV viewer other than sports. besides the credentials for ESPN's app and HBO, it's really the addition of TVE to Channels which has made me even care about this.

I tried to log in to my ATT Now on my QNAP Channels app and this is my error:

The TVE feature is not currently available on DVRs with ARM CPUs?

I have just installed Channels DVR and connected to ATT TV. I did not pull down all of the channels in my subscription. I know Lifetime was one of them? Any suggestions on what to try next?