Provider - AT&T TV Now / Direct TV Now

Is it ATT now? Not Att tv? Very confusing. What do I select for Watch tv?

Sorry. The new service is called AT&T TV NOW. BUT, for TVE you select AT&T TV.

Read my original post on this NAME CHANGE above. That is cut/paste from the notice.

Ok, There is no Att tv as of right now

Cord Cutters has two topics today with detail information. You may want to review them. But pretty sure AT&T TV is a few months away. I am not sure how quickly DIRECTV NOW will have a NEW NAME of AT&T TV NOW since it is simply a rebranding of DIRECTV NOW. And more important is the TVE Name will be AT&T TV but again not sure when this will take affect.

This name change has no effect on Channels DVR. You can simply keep picking DIRECTV NOW inside the dvr setup.

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Nick and Nick Jr channels are supported in AT&T support website but not through Channels TVE!/directv-now/KM1222524

Also NBC and HBO Go.

They don't have live streams.

Is there a reason that HBO doesn't show up in the channel list with DirecTV Now? I subscribe to HBO and can watch it via DirecTV Now. Also, I get CNN as part of my DirectTV Now package but it says "login not supported" under that channel in the list (as with many other channels that I actually get).

Premium channels are not available via TV Everywhere.

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And the reason for this is?

See What is TV Everywhere? which explains how TVE works and What channels are available? which explains what channels are available. does not support DTVN logins, hence "login not supported"

Hbo doesn't have a live stream

WeatherNow displays a black screen with a weird URL across it.

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Hadn't been renamed since the name change, just renamed it.

Pricing increases coming, including to grandfathered plans:

Looks like the Grandfathered AT&T TV Now is only increasing by $10 compared to the other packages.

i guess i'm about to get hit with this as well; maybe it is still worth it since i'm on the grandfathered "go big" plan and might still have HBO currently for $50/mo.

for anyone that was with DTV Now on that plan, which of the other TVE-compatible outfits did you switch to and is the channel lineup comparable?

I still have DTV Now but PS VUE is the next best or even better depending on which channels you want. I have been using/testing Hulu (107), PS Vue (127) and DTV Now (128).

Example: CNN and other Turner Channels are only on VUE. And TV Land and others are only on DTV Now.

So, the key is which channels are a MUST have to your or others in your house. Really easy to do a FREE TRIAL.

NOTE: I have the Go Big Grandfathered DTV Now so others may not get the same number of channels as I get.

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