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Not sure of your question but maybe this site will help you:

You might want to consider using PHILO ($20) with AT&T TV Now (> $50) to get more channels. I am on the Grandfathered AT&T TV Now so I get a lot of channels. I also have Hulu Live for my Echo Show Devices so I pick up some there.

Lifetime does not have a live stream via TVE.

Is NBATV available via TVE? I have access on the iOS / TvOS Att tv now app. Is there a location I can verify for TVE? I get error: preauth: Not Authorized.

Does it work on

Weird... I logged into the NBA App under live TV with Att now credentials. Got some errors about not authorized, but then it played I the NBA app. Went back into channels DVR and channels works!

Made me download the nba App before I could try. Could not watch on mobile safari.

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New trial Channels customer. Using ATT TV NOW. Stalls during verification at 69/194 (DISCOVERY). Can't get past that point. What do I do?

Email [email protected] with the logs and the version of Chrome installed.

fyi....... Regarding the NBA TV Channel 6194.

I was able to login to using the AT&T TV selection even with my AT&T TV Now Credentials.

But even though it had a check mark in Channels DVR (already) I got an error on my Apple TV (auth). So, I decided to try a RESCAN of just that channel and it took a bit of time but came back with a Check Mark. And now works on the Apple TV.

I have a AT&T TV Now Grandfathered Account.

I am a grandfathered AT&T TV Now subscriber (original $40 rate, now $50). I have had it with that app's DVR, which somehow managed to get worse after the re-branding.

So I signed up for Channels Plus to use it's DVR service (cheaper than replicating my required channel lineup on other service). It pulled in 96 channels, but is notably missing the 4 broadcast networks plus a whole bunch of cable standards like TBS, TNT etc. I added ABC, Fox and NBC directly with TVE, but I'm still missing CBS and the others.

I tried to recant each one manually, but TVE says "login not authorized". Any ideas? If it pulls in most of my subscription, why not all of it?

Very few subscriptions include Warner Media networks (TNT, CNN, TBS, etc.) for TVE access. I know regular DirecTV logins work for those, as did my Spectrum, but few others do.

Locals aren't really well supported, except for NBC, Fox and ABC, but only in larger metropolitan market areas. CBS won't work, because they require a separate/additional CBS All Access login for streaming.

Just because a channel is part of your cable/OTT subscription, it doesn't mean that your provider also includes TVE access.

Also, A+E networks (A&E, History, etc.) don't offer live/linear programming streams, so they aren't available within Channels.

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I also have the grandfathered DirecTV Now plan. There isn’t a 100% correlation between the stations you get with the AT&T TV app and Channels with TV Everywhere. Some networks do not support TV Everywhere so you are not going to get them with the Channels App regardless of your provider. On the other hand there are stations I get with Channels that I don’t get with AT&T TV (ex Hallmark Movies and Mysteries which my wife appreciates with the extra Christmas movies).

Overall you probably get more TV Everywhere support with your grandfathered plan then you can get anywhere else. Enjoy

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I am also on the Grandfathered Plan and I am showing 133 Channels but have not scanned in a while.

For Locals I also get the three ABC, FOX, NBC (6000-6002) here in Los Angeles. And I like the 24/7 KTLA 5 News at the bottom of the list. But I also use LOCAST for a $5/month donation. I get all of the locals (CBS, NBC, ABC, KTLA, FOX) for a total of 55. My wife likes some of the old shows that are on LOCAST. Well worth the $5. Not available everywhere though.

PS Vue was the only streaming service to have TVE Access to CNN and the others that go with it you mentioned. The only others that offer access is the CABLE/SAT/FiOS credentials.

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I had been on AT&T TV Now for about two years, but cancelled it last month. I was grandfathered on a $40/month plan, but had been hit with two price hikes in about 4 months. The service had always sucked - but the price for that channel line up was hard to beat. Well they erased their price advantage, so dumping it was an easy choice.

I signed up with Sling TV, and got an HDHomeRun to pull in local channels OTA. I was up to $65/month on AT&T - which was only going to keep going up - and I'm at $43/month now with Sling and the Channels guide subscription. Very happy.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here. I try to sign into AT&T TV NOW with my credentials and the page stays on the “verifying log in” window. It never goes past this, and I’ve left it run overnight. No issues with Philo or Locast. Any ideas?

Try rebooting the shield. If that doesn't work click Help > Submit Diagnostics and email us.

I started getting this error last night. I tried those channels in the ATT TV App and they work. Not sure if all channels have this problem or not because I also have Hulu Live TV and this is first in the sources. So only channels not on Hulu are used via TVE-ATTOTT.

I will reboot now check if that helps but any idea why it would happen now. The DVR/TVE is in the same location as the Apple TV for the ATT TV Native App.

2020/08/03 07:22:26.302693 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-ATTOTT ch6023 PARAMOUNTP: TVE: unavailable in current location
2020/08/03 07:22:30.319732 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-ATTOTT ch6021 TVLANDP: TVE: unavailable in current location

I rescanned and TVLANDP (pacific) is working but not PARAMOUNT. Maybe they changed the web access (TVE)?

2020/08/03 08:27:18.090391 [TVE] Channel scan 17/211 TVLAND failed: unavailable in current location
2020/08/03 08:27:18.747348 [TVE] Channel scan 18/211 TVLANDP successful
2020/08/03 08:27:18.753221 [TVE] Channel scan 19/211 PARAMOUNT failed: unavailable in current location
2020/08/03 08:27:18.961485 [TVE] Channel scan 20/211 PARAMOUNTP failed: unavailable in current location

I had this issue yesterday/today, too. You need to individually rescan the Eastern feed, as the Pacific won't scan.

Thanks and I was able to manually rescan Eastern Feed but it does not play the show (and no channel guide yet but could be expected).

I also made it a favorite so I could test under On Now on the DVR Web Interface which gives a different error.

Are you actually able to watch the shows? Did you rescan the TV Guide?

2020/08/03 09:58:01.822493 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-ATTOTT ch6022 PARAMOUNT: TVE: unavailable in current location
2020/08/03 09:58:29.357544 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-ATTOTT ch6022 PARAMOUNT: TVE: unavailable in current location
2020/08/03 10:00:49.924540 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch6022: TVE: unavailable in current location
2020/08/03 10:00:49.995501 [HLS] Couldn't generate stream playlist for ch6022-dANY-ip192.168.11.220: TVE: unavailable in current location
2020/08/03 10:00:49.995560 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session ch6022-dANY-ip192.168.11.220
2020/08/03 10:02:59.910348 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch6022: TVE: unavailable in current location
2020/08/03 10:02:59.966161 [HLS] Couldn't generate stream playlist for ch6022-dANY-ip192.168.11.220: TVE: unavailable in current location
2020/08/03 10:02:59.966223 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session ch6022-dANY-ip192.168.11.220