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I am having this problem and looking at the screenshot, it is asking for a CAPTCHA verification.

Are you using some sort of VPN?

Nope. It displayed in the screenshot that I had tried too many incorrect password attempts, which was true. But I am able now to login without problem from another device on my home network but still not from Channels running on my NAS in the same network.

Is there a way to refresh state? I have removed the source entirely and tried re-adding but get the same error.

Update Just tried adding it again and now it is working.

So dish works but when it does its scan it puts hallmark as not authorized - if i go to hallmark's website and use these same credentials i can watch the live stream - am i missing something?

I'm having this same issue "need to re-authenticate" with both NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports California. If I go to the a new browser and login with my dish credentials that way, it works fine.

What's the current status of Dish's TVE availability? When we say "all subscribed TVE channels work," that seems amazing, is this still the case? If I consider switching from Spectrum to Dish I want to be sure I don't lose any channels.

Did the folks having trouble authenticating get resolved or is it just not working?

pay for 250, and only get the top 100.. no movies, sports or anything related to the higher up channels. whats the issues?

I would recommend reading the FAQ on TVE:

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Is there a list of the TVE channels available through a Dish Network subscription?

This is my DISH list. I just realized I have a bunch of Philadelphia channels which is odd because I don't live anywhere near that market. Maybe that is on everybody's list.

You'll notice there are a number of providers that don't support login (I listed them). Also you will get some Eastern AND Pacific channels, but some are geolocation locked.

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Thanks for the list! I was looking to get a feel for which channels are available for the Dish Top 200 package to stream on channels dvr. From the channels listed, I'm guessing you have the Top 250 package. Your list will help in comparing to tve channels available on other services such as YouTube TV, Hulu Live, etc.

NFL Network is the only one not authorized that I would have expected to see authorized. I've seen tve access listed as available for NFL Network on YouTube TV and Vidgo streaming services.

For others looking at this list, I noticed the following channels as being not authorized or missing from the Dish tve channel list. I've also not seen these listed as available via tve from other cable, streaming, etc services: AXSTV, Boomerang, Discovery Family (but adds Discovery Life), Game Show Network, INSP, Lifetime Movies, MTV2, MTV Live, newsy, NFL Network, NHL, Nickelodean, Outdoor Channel, Pursuit, RFD TV, TeenNick, UPtv, Vice, WGN America. (not necessarily all the missing channels)

NFL is the only one I've seen listed as "unimplemented provider" on Channels.
I assumed at first this meant NFL Network doesn't allow login through DISH, but I was able to authenticate directly on the NFL Network website. Maybe the dev team here just hasn't implemented it yet.

In this topic, YoutubeTV - NFL Network, a channels developer instructed a user to update the latest DVR pre-release version to fix the problem with a user not being able to get authenticated with NFL Network. Don't know if that's your problem, but it could be there was some fix in the pre-release version for users with NFL Network. You may want to verify this, but I believe doing a click and hold on the 'Check For Update' button will get the latest pre-release version.

I always run the latest pre-release, but thank you. I don't watch NFL, but I'll make a new post for the sake of others.

EDIT - and as I say this I did a manual refresh on the channel and it is now available. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm hoping this is the correct place to post this. I'm hoping someone can look at my logs and see why my TVE freezes after a minute or so. The only way to get it back is to leave the channel and come back to it.

I've submitted my logs with 3675cac-f7da-4a66-99a0-7e9d30d1df0b

I'm getting an "Unhandled exception" when trying to add back Dish to TVE. Nothing that I can make heads nor tails out of in the logs. I've submitted diagnostics 49bc122a-7287-4b83-8595-492e805f742f but has anyone experienced this?

2021/03/18 22:55:57.479964 [TVE] Auth starting for Dish as <username>
2021/03/18 22:55:57.479964 [TVE] action=auth mvpd=Dish requestor=nbcentertainment
2021/03/18 22:55:57.997825 [TVE] action=error_response type=Other error=net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME
2021/03/18 22:55:58.000827 [TVE] action=navigate url=
2021/03/18 22:55:58.002826 [TVE] action=request type=Document method=GET url=
2021/03/18 22:56:00.730908 [TVE] action=wait_for_page
2021/03/18 22:56:00.786910 [TVE] action=request type=Document method=POST url=
2021/03/18 22:56:00.786910 [TVE] action=auth_domain
2021/03/18 22:56:01.247897 [TVE] action=request type=Document method=GET url=
2021/03/18 22:56:01.364899 [TVE] action=request type=Document method=GET url=
2021/03/18 22:56:01.482897 [TVE] action=request type=Document method=GET url=
2021/03/18 22:56:07.654323 [TVE] action=page_ready
2021/03/18 22:56:07.654323 [TVE] action=wait_for_page done=true reason=page_ready
2021/03/18 22:56:07.654323 [TVE] action=fill_form u=<username>
2021/03/18 22:56:07.660319 [TVE] action=wait_for_auth
2021/03/18 22:56:07.661325 [TVE] action=request type=Document method=POST url=
2021/03/18 22:56:13.429126 [TVE] action=page_ready
2021/03/18 22:56:19.660823 [TVE] action=auth_timed_out
2021/03/18 22:56:19.660823 [TVE] action=screenshot
2021/03/18 22:56:19.885820 [TVE] action=screenshot size=6506
2021/03/18 22:56:19.892818 [TVE] action=capture_html
2021/03/18 22:56:19.895817 [TVE] action=capture_html size=1069
2021/03/18 22:56:19.984717 [TVE] Auth failed for Dish: Cable provider authentication failed

Thank you for sharing the TVE list! Only one I don't see is MSNBC but it should work from everything else I've read?

Dish Top 120 with Channels appears to be a better streaming option than Sling Orange + Blue with cloud DVR upgrade. I'm thinking about doing my own "self-install" (unboxed equipment going into the closet), and only shying away because of the 2 year commitment. Has anyone else tried/done this?

To follow up--had Dish installed in July along with their minimal Hopper box, but I don't think I've watched more than an hour total on it, instead opting for Locast+TVE on Channels.

Now that Locast is at best "suspended", I may consider opting for locals via Dish. I see that TVE is supported on Channels in "some markets". Any way to find out if this is the case in SF Bay Area?

I have Dish set up as TVE and recently NBC was dropped from the guide. I can authenticate via using my Dish credentials, @tmm1 Is there a way to add this to Channels DVR for streaming?

Yes by updating to prerelease