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Unfortunate, but thank you for the info!

I see I can go to and log in with my hulu live account to watch lifetime. I don't see it on the list when I add hulu live to channels. I've done a scan through the forum but I haven't seen this addressed. Does anyone know why it doesn't show up?

You can watch video on-demand (VOD)/non-linear programming on their site (meaning, stream full episodes/movies). The option to view a live stream of what is currently airing on the channel is not available. (This applies not only to Lifetime, but all A+E channels, like A&E, History, and fyi,.)

As stated in the TVE FAQ/announcement post, A+E owned channels are not supported by Channels' TVE implementation.

Thank you! Sorry I didn't see that

QQ for one of you that has Hulu, do you really get the History channel through (channels plus) TVE? This post would indicate that you should, but I'm just trying to confirm as I'm really happy with Channels plus through my current DTV sub, but I'm looking for options after that contract is up.

No, Channels uses the Chrome browser and History does not stream live

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Richard, thanks for the confirmation its not the news I had hoped for but at least I know. My DTV deal is until the summer so hopefully the answer will improve before them. Its a shame because other than lacking history and an occasional lip sync issue channels plus with TVE really works well... I tested Sling this summer before renewing again with DTV and it was nice but the DVR functionality just isnt there... DTV keeps trying to raise the rates and has become a real pain to work with. My thought has been to go with Dish, but I was really hoping for a streaming option...

Here is whats available for Hulu![HuluTV|690x432]

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Thank you!

Two additions to Kenny's list. Cooking Channel and DIY also both work via TVE if you have the Entertainment Add-On.

For me, I also can get local ABC, NBC, and FOX. I get ABC and FOX great OTA but I do use the NBC feed,

Thanks Derek for that Information. I made the change to listing to show those channels available w/addon.


If you have the time, check the full add-on channel list. Several of the others, such as Science, are in the same add-on package (at least they are now) not the base.

I have Hulu Plus Live TV set up and I actually have and can use a channel that does not show in Hulu. It is Fox Soccer Plus. The folks at Hulu are clueless about it and try to insist that Fox Soccer Plus is part of my local channels but that is NOT the case. It shows up fine and I can watch and/or record it without problem in Channels DVR but it is not listed in Hulu and nothing in its content shows up on a search.

I do not understand how what is happening could be happening but as that channel is important to me I am quite happy I have Channels DVR so I can watch and record Fox Soccer Plus.

Anyone with Hulu Live TV with the Entertainment Add-on and let me know if these channels can be accessed through Channels DVR. I want to update the above image with these add-on. It was a list with just the base package. Currently I know of Cooking Channel and DIY which were added today. .
Destination America
Discovery Family
Discovery Life

When I had Hulu live I had DA and Science through TVE even though I didn't have the add-on package


All these are working with Channels except for Discovery Family.

Destination America
Discovery Family
Discovery Life

Do you have the Package that those channels are in?

Richard, not sure if you were asking me, but yes, I do have the Entertainment Add On from Hulu. Our house watches Cooking and DIY a fair amount.

Yes, that’s what I was asking. The weird thing is When I had Hulu live, I had access to Destination America and The Science channel TVE, without having the add on.

Been said in other threads by devs, Discovery Family has NO TVE stream.
Does not matter what provider u use.

Hope some day that changes.

those other channels i get fine via TVE with either Philo or Xfinity.
Did not know that those were not a thing via Hulu.
And that cost so much more than $20 a month of Philo.