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Updated to 2020.03.14.1915 and did a “rescan all” on YTTV. Channel count dropped to 96 from 111. FS1 and FS2 are definitely gone now:

2020/03/16 19:49:33.414462 [TVE] Channel scan 126/199 FS1 failed: notAuthorized 2020/03/16 19:49:33.643619 [TVE] Channel scan 127/199 FS2 failed: notAuthorized

If I log into and log in with my credentials, both channels show as available. On iOS if I try to play them it takes me to the App Store. From a PC I am able to play the channel through a browser. Maybe there is still an issue here?

Are you able to open an Incognito Window and then stream from ?


Was feeling hopeful so I did another scan. Count dropped to 95. Ugh. Lol. NBATV had an uncaught exception. Other channels scanned without an exception (although seems some are coming back as not authorized, as mentioned above).

I had to rescan last night too. I went from 114 channels to 109 and the NBA channel is now missing with the "uncaught exception" error too.

*I am able to login to NBATV from their website.

I hadn't been able to get FSN1, FSN2... was down to 96 channels. Did a rescan and now I'm back up to 111 channels. It's all so random.

What DVR version are you on? I just did another scan and NBATV came back, so I’m up to 96 again. But still get “notAuthorized” on FS1 and FS2.

Right now I'm on 2020.03.17.0125
I think I rescanned and got them all back on the one right before this one, but I still have all my channels. I generally update as soon as a new version is available. Really hoping these channels stay this time. It's been really frustrating with them disappearing all the time.

And now I lost at least FS1 & FS2, Wisconsin Fox Regional, MSNBC, and who knows what else...I can’t even check right now.... this is soooo frustrating.... Why does this keep happening?
Running Version: 2020.03.24.0127

Please submit Diagnostic Logs from the DVR and email us your settings.db

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The latest release has a change that we hope will improve the situation with notAuthorized errors. Please let us know if it makes any difference or if you are still seeing it.

Still seeing it with the sports channels. FS1, FS2, Tennis, MLBTV, BTN, CBSSports, NBATV (not such a big deal right now). After just rescanning and not having success, I deleted the source and re-added YTTV with the same result. Also had a couple of the following errors which I was able to edit and individually rescan to correct: encountered exception 'Uncaught' (5:5)

Okay. Looks like we have more work to do. Can you send another diagnostic log from the DVR?

Got them back. At 109 Channels. Thanks for the quick response!

I have the same problem occasionally and the only way I have been able to correct it was to delete You Tube TV and reload it back onto TVE and this corrects problem!

I just re-subbed to YTTV today. Deleted the tuner from my DVR and re-added. Only getting 100 channels. Missing FS1, FS2 and CBS Sports Network for sure.

Try rescanning individual channels that have exceptions shown.

Crazy thing is they don’t even show up in my list as unavailable or with an exception. I’m going to try again tomorrow

I nuked the tuner again and readded and they are there now. Thanks!

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People should really made petition to A&E to allow live streaming in apps. there is one exception for History but only on Rok app.