Qnap Firmware V4.5.1

Just got a Qnap operating system update - V 4.5.1. After the reboot the Channels DVR app only shows the option to remove the app. There is a warning message next to the app indicating - "There is no digital signature." The DVR is running, I can access the Admin setup page. Is there an update to the Qnap app available?

I put in a ticket with QNAP. This is a mess of an update. They took away your choice to ignore 3rd party apps and now the "Stop" and "Start" button are unavailable for unsigned apps.

Have the same issue here.

I also put in a ticket. Got a response that they didn’t support third party apps and they recommended that I reach out to channels for support. Of course I responded why is there still a choice to select third party apps if they don’t support it.

From here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/90965-unsigned-app-error/&tab=comments#comment-937238

I can now confirm that going into Qboost and clicking on the 3 dots under Top 5 applications by memory usage, finding emby and clicking start changes emby to always enabled.

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I had not accessed the Qboost Application Managment system before. Yes, I can see that GetChannels is working and always enabled. There is also a stop option there. However, this workaround is not my preference.

I only run one app from the QNAPClub, but might this be an option - for us to load GetChannels from QNAPClub. I don't know anything about the Club, but QNAP seems to support it. I am currently running my Ubiquiti Unifi controller from the app in the QNAPClub and with the new QNAP operating version do not have any issues.

I just reverted my Firmware until it's all sorted, it all works again..... rubbish though

Same issue here, though I think we need to ask Channels about getting the dvr into the package store on the various platforms with a digital signature

I'm not getting anywhere with QNAP support other than back and forth - asking me to get in touch with channels to see if they have anything in the app store, etc.... all along I'm asking them why even have the third party app option if they don't support it anyway. Thanks for the work around info which I checked out however I just went ahead and reverted back to the previous firmware version.

Support told me to revert firmware but it sounds like they aren't budging on this "feature". The Tech recommended i move the offending apps to Docker.

Would performance take a hit if I moved Channels to Docker? Would it still have hardware transcoding?

I'll have to see if I can find an article on moving Channels on a qnap.

Although I dont disagree with finger-pointing at QNAP for this issue.... wouldnt adding a digital signature to the the DVR program be better for all QNAP users?
If we revert our firmware, or stop installing new ones we are also missing out on security updates and new features.

Our package is already signed. v4.5.1 requires a new type of signature which only QNAP can provide. We have reached out to them several times but they don't seem interested in helping, and have taken a very strange new stance on third-party packages.

Thanks tmm1, that is disappointing, but good to know you are doing what you can.

Thanks for working on this. I do not know much about them, but there is this group (QNAPClub - https://www.qnapclub.eu/en) that QNAP seems to "recognize." They are third party apps and the two apps I used from the QNAPClub do not have this issue.

Yes QNAP support referred us to QNAPclub. We have reached out to them to see if they can help us sign our packages.