Questions about Channels and its abilities

Ok I just stumbled upon channels in research on how to help solve a problem. I did a little reading and hopefully someone can help and confirm or deny my thinking on what channels provides.

I have Hulu Live TV. I am limited to two streams at once.

If I start to run channels and give it my hulu live access, it will essentially use my hulu credentials to log in to all the individual networks apps/websites using the TVeverywhere? Watching live tv on channels through tveverywhere through my hulu live, would that count as one of my two streams for hulu? Would I be able to access this outside my home network on a tv (hulu live tv only allows mobile devices to watch live tv when not at home)? How many tv's at home can I use channels on at once and watch different programs using my hulu credentials (for example if its all the different networks tv everywhere, hypothetically couldnt i access a stream for every single channel simultaneously if I had enough streaming devices to do that)? How many could watch the same show (for example during the superbowl can I use channels on 5 tvs around my house to all stream the superbowl)?

Lastly does this run well with a synology nas 920 that is also running a plex server?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

I know nothing about synology servers so I can’t address compatibility there. I do know others here discuss synology nas regularly. I think you may have to run it as a docker. Again I’m not sure on this question.

As for your Hulu Live/TVE question. Accessing programs via TVE actually doesn’t count towards your stream limit at all. The reason for this is that TVE connects directly to the network providers servers and does not use resources on Hulu’s servers. So you can watch as many programs as you want via TVE and still have 2 concurrent streams running on Hulu.

Hulu Live does provide good access to networks via TVE. Far more than Sling and YTTV. You can check the available networks here:

As a side note, just this week, NBCUniversal implemented a shift to DRM video feeds which are incompatible with Channels. This means that all of NBCUniversal networks are unavailable to watch via Channels. They would still be available in Hulu and the various apps with login via TVE. See this thread for more:

Thank you both this does help...

Any input on how many concurrent streams I can get from my channels server? And is that limited per channel, etc?

There is no limit

so I can log in on my hulu live and effectively now have unlimited streams going and not just the 2 that I get through hulu?

Yes. At least for channels that Hulu Live supports via TV Everywhere, that aren't encumbered with DRM.

And the best advice I can give with regards to such a discovery... as with all good things in life... enjoy it while it lasts :slight_smile:


Yes, just like you can go to and and and and watch on there all at the same time

This is the Channels DVR designated thread for Hulu TV:

Read it thoroughly.

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