Reelz won't show up in Sling source

I am a new used and don't even have my NAS set up yet, I am running on my laptop.

I have Sling account and I am able to login and watch with my Login, why doesn't it show up in my channels.
It says I am not authorized to watch it, upgrade my service to watch.
Is there a way to fix this?

Try to rescan that one channel from Rescan Channels.

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Thanks, but I did that and No Joy!

What error shows next to the channel in the Rescan Channels display


notAuthorized: You do not have full subscriptions to view the requested content. Please upgrade your programming then log back in to view content.

Hmmm, is this good practice?
I usually wait for you guru's that know what you're doing to test new releases.
Is that what you've done?

Just checked and there is one should i install it and then should i rescan all of my subscription sources?


Doing that now.
Jumped in too soon though. I was in the middle of recording some movies.
I guess those will be interrupted- correct?

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One more question - how long does the upgrade take?

What does it say where you clicked upgrade

Now re-scanning all of the Sling Source - re-scan for the reelz channel still did not work after upgrade.
When it is completed with it's scan I let you know what is say for the upgrade, but it said their was one available and it was waiting for me to confirm that I want to upgrade and I did it.

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Version 2022.09.18.1926
Up to date!

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