Remapping TVE network channel

I live in Phoenix and for some reason only NBC is showing it mapped to to the NY affiliate, even though while I am watching NBC, I can see the local Phoenix channel. The problem with this is that the Guide is shows the NY local NBC guide.

Any way to change this? Thanks!

Had that problem awhile back (it was NBC's FAULT) TVE 6000 NBC mapped to wrong feed

Another user with NBC issue Local channel suddenly remapped to another market

What do you see when you login to view here
Here's what shows for me right under the video player window
Screenshot 2021-07-31 at 18-26-49 Watch the NBC Live Stream - NBC com

Here's what I see...the local NBC call letters...

So, again, when I watch the channel, I get the local NBC. It's just the program guide that is not correct.

If you're absoulutely sure you're seeing your local channel (I couldn't tell until a local show was airing), the devs will probably want you to submit DVR diagnostics or collect a HAR.

Yep. I saw the local Phoenix news.

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@tmm1 Any thoughts about the above? Would it help if I sent in a diagnostics report? Thanks.

Yes we need diagnostics to help.

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Thanks. Just sent: 94d3f9a9-8f81-4012-a991-197323772bb5

@tmm1 Any insights from my logs?

I didn't notice until this moment that there is no edit button next to TVE channels like there is for all other sources for remapping a channel:



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I also live in Phoenix and for the last few months NBC, channel 12, has been off the air around noon for 1-3 hours and in the evenings around 6 or 7pm while they "repack" broadcast antenna. 12 said to rescan when then are up and guide will be correct.How often - who knows. Crazy timing trying to watch Olympics.

Absolutely! Crazy timing. Thanks for that update. Did you actually call the station? I would think it would be hard to get ahold of anybody with something like this.

I spent a month playing with my antenna thinking the problem was on my end, emailed [email protected] never got a reply, and then this showed up in the mail;

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