Remote Access Login Issues


I keep getting kicked out of remote DVR access, even in the middle of sessions. I’m forced to login again from scratch using another device through the web interface.

Works great until I get kicked out, any fix?

Running a Windows DVR with manual port forwarding.


Middle of session meaning while watching video or something else?

What do you see on the screen when you get kicked out?

Which app are you using


Channels DVR app for Fire TV. Sometimes while watching video the app will flicker then return to the Remote DVR authorization screen. More often than not once the Fire Stick has turned off I’m usally logged out when it comes back up.


The remote auth screen never comes up automatically. So are you hitting the screen where it says DVR not found? Is there a “reconnect” or “try again” option there?


I’ll have to see next time it occurs. The application may be crashing than restarting.


There was a bug where the app would not login to the remote DVR automatically after a restart. It has been fixed in the v2.0.10 release.