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My ISP supports TR-069 auto management on router and this uses TCP/8089. The router already uses this port so I cannot map it manually.

Is there any option to change the default port? I have looked everywhere and cannot see it. Even if the local port remains 8089 on server can a port map be used on router and iOS app instructed to use a port other than 8089?

Alternatively can the server and app use IPv6? I have routed IPv6 and full IPv6 on LAN with no need for mapping or NAT. Almost all connections I use with iOS have full IPv6.

Thanks in advance.

@tmm1 mentioned doing away with the hardcoded 8089 port after TVE was running smoothly. Right now it causes a few issues, but you can forward port 8089 to a different external port.

To authorize apps you will need to be on the DVR beta. When you authorize your apps you will have to manually add &port=#### to the end of the auth url for them to sign in successfully away from home. If you do this you will no longer be able to login to the webui remotely using (you'll get a redirect error). You can however use your own DDNS to access the webui remotely and you will still have local access using the IP of the server.

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Instructions: (Should only be necessary for remote login)

  • Update to the latest beta DVR: in the web ui hold shift and click update
  • In the web ui check manual port forwarding box and turn on
  • In you router settings create a new port forward with internal port 8089 and external of your choice (for this example I'll use 8088)
  • on your device follow the normal login procedure, you will get an error message when the webpage loads.
  • With the error messages displayed scroll to the end of the url in the address bar and add &port=8088 then press enter.
  • You should now be presented with an "authorize" button, click it
  • The app should now be connected to your remote DVR.

I would love support for reverse proxying.

I use a reverse proxy with no issues. Using Caddy. Perhaps my use case is different though, not sure.

Do you use basic auth to connect or the default auth mechanism?

It makes me get an auth token, which I have to be logged in to get. IIRC.

Yep, just checked. If I log out, it requires me to get a authorization code to log back in.

I also use a reverse proxy. Have been running it for many years now. Use it for other things too + Channels DVR. But it listens for my dvr URL on 443. SSL certs are renewed on an automated schedule.

I have the same issue with 8089 already in use due to TR-069.

I've mapped 8090 externally instead. If I browse to http://<my_ip>:8090 I get prompted for an auth code, so I click on Get Authorization Code and it works just fine.

But - can someone please talk me through how I get the Android Channels DVR app to work? I start it up and it says it can't find my server, so I click "Connect to Channels DVR", if I select "Away From Home" it takes me to the auto detect web page and just says "Your Channels DVR Server at home can not be reached".

If instead I try "At Home" and enter my home IP address and port 8090 it says it can't connect (not authorized I guess).

Is there a way to make this work?

We have to mark your account as using a custom port. Try it now.

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Boom! That works. Thanks so much for that. Appreciate the quick responses and updates!

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Is there an easy way to get your account marked for custom port? Personally want to push it over 443 myself.

443 is the default port for SSL, that's ill advised.

If you want your external port something other than 8089, DM me.

Im having trouble now, aswell. My provider made it impossible to use 8089. I now switched to 8088 in my port forwarding, but Im not able to access the webui with the &port=8088.
Do I need to do additional steps?

I can access my webui with But its not working for my apps remotely.

You have to email [email protected] and ask to switch ports on your account

Thank you so much!

I understand that each paid subscription is limited to just (1) port. Would it be possible to give the user the ability to change their port in their account settings?

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Ah, thanks.

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