Remote connect from hotel via new Fire Stick?


I just purchased a Firestick while traveling only to find out I can’t port-forward the Firestick to the app/dvr? Is there something I’m missing or is this something I can’t do?

Or is there another way to connect Channels without being on the same network as the server?

Firestick OS


Port forwarding is something you setup on your home router so that your DVR PC/NAS can be accessed via the internet. Are you able to see you DVR when you open


Yes I can see and use it from my computer no problem.

But I can’t access or log into anything on my Firestick from not being on the same network as the server. I also cannot enter the port number on the address on the Firestick. The Firestick won’t let me enter “:” for the port number.


Port number is not required. For remote access you have to click Connect > Away from Home and follow the instructions. If that’s not working it may be because the WiFi network you’re on doesn’t allow devices to talk to each other.

Please be specific about what exactly you’re clicking on and what part isn’t working.


Problem 1 (Tuner): When trying to access the tuner I need to enter the IP/Port for the tuner since I’m in a hotel. When I put in the IP/Port it deletes the “:” and then the IP and the Port become a long string of numbers that do not work.

Problem 2 (DVR): When I click “Away from home” and I enter the address to authorize access, the link times out.

  1. Adding tuners is not required remotely. Just add your DVR and the tuners will appear automatically

  2. I assume you’re on some kind of hotel WiFi? You will need to tether or use some other WiFi setup to complete the remote auth step. Once that’s done you can switch back since the app will remember your login


That fixed the problem. I was making the mistake of thinking since this Firestick was new I needed to be on the same network as the server (home network). But the Firestick and my phone needed to be on the same network. Once I put them both on my mobile hotspot (not the hotel) that worked and I was able to authorize the Firestick. Thank you!


Awesome, glad you were able to get going.

We know the remote auth flow is a little confusing, and it sucks that it doesn’t work over some hotel wifis. We’re looking into better schemes for the future.