Scrolling Guide to Next Day Freezes

On our Amazon FTV 4K when in the guide and hold down the right D-pad button to scroll fast to go a couple of days in the future, the guide will just freeze and the d-pad buttons no longer work. You can hit the go back button but this takes you all the way back to the current time. This makes it very hard to see what's on a couple of days in the future. This happens on all of our Amazon FTVs. Is there a fix or work-around for this?

Which version of the app


This happens on Nvida Shiled also, but scrolling slowly prevents the freeze. Also if scrolling fast I notice the time shifts and programs show like their schedule are off by 10 to 30 mins instead of on the hour or half hour.
Beta (111.19.313)
Example Image fast scroll:

Example Image slow scroll (Block at a time)

I also have crashes on Channels v5.1.0/Apple TV 4K/tvOS 15.1.1
Before it happens the entries in the EPG become black or disappear.
It seems the problem is handling of M3U. I think it wasn't happening when I only had HDHR devices.
Must be a memory leak.

It was happening with only HDHR on all 4 Amazon Fire TV. So, I don't think it was m3u.

This issue happens on all platforms. It does it on my iOS devices also. Its on all sources and not necessarity anything with m3u. But if you mention APPLE TV in this conversation I bet the developers will see this post. I thought posting the images would get them to at least comment on it futher.

APPLE TV is probably a nice platform but not nearly as popular as Amazon Fire TV devices. So supporting those would lead to exponentially more subscribers. If they are interested in revenue.

I can crash the app on Apple TV at will. I think it also affects the functionality of the back button. When the app is about to crash the back button just exits the app. There is a separate thread for this.

I have not has this issue nor can I reproduce it.

Scrolling fast or slow, to next day, or the end of the week, something another user of mine does alot, never had an issue.

I just tested my self on 2 NV Shields, a 32bit Tube model, and the normal Pro model, each running 111.19.313 (current beta) and my Apple TV running 11.26.2014 Beta.

( i have always used beta/pre-release since, if you have been around here and used Channels long enough, you know you can't really use the outdated "stable" release branch, as TVE backend and things change so often, you have to be upto date. I find them more stable and reliable)

The two images above clearly show the time shift between fast and slow. This is in the pre-release Beta (111.27.757) on Android TV.

Well it happens consistently. Holding down the right D-pad button will freeze the guide once I get about 2 days out. The only button that will function after this is the back button. When pressed it will take you all the way back to the current time.

Must be a issue for Fire TV device then....which i believe is running a heavily customized version of Android.
it is not doing it on any of my 2 Shields, which runs pretty much stock Android TV 9.