Search Option Not Working for Fire TV


Is there a search option for Guide? I see one under DVR, but it does not seem to find anything, even if I type in the full title of the show.


Have you checked your DVR via the web page to see if you have guide data?

I just searched on one full title and three partials, and it’s working for me.


Yep, just verified and it seems to be fully populated. Search works fine on the remote page as well.

Tried to fully power down and bring it back up as well. No luck.


Weird. Devs will likely want to know what client and what version of the app.


Using Fire TV (Ver 3) and the app I just DLed from Amazon this morning.

I was hoping maybe it was something I was doing wrong – but all I do is access search, enter a few words using the popup keyboard, hit the “Next” button on the keyboard and nothing happens.


Have you tried clicking on the magnifying glass symbol on the right side of the on-screen keyboard when your search term is entered?


There is no magnifying glass anywhere on the keyboard. If I hit Next and go to the one on the screen and select, it just brings up the keyboard again.


Well, I uninstalled, rebooted the whole system and restarted – Worked only AFTER I tapped the microphone button for Alexa then backed out. Something weird is going on. Still no magnifying glass either :slight_smile:


I have the same issue on both a gen 2 and gen 3(dongle) fire TV. Using the “DVR” version of the app. Search works only after I press the voice button on the remote, and then only for one search. Very annoying. I’m using the beta version of the DVR Backend on mycloud NAS. I do however have a magnifying glass icon next to the search bar but clicking it just opens the text entry box.


Yep, same here. Rather not have even to use search. Much rather have thumbnails of all shows and movies and pick from there.


If someone can make a video of the problem and email to [email protected] that would be helpful.

Some of you are saying you can’t click next after entering some text, while others mentioned the mic button on the remote so I’m not sure what the steps to reproduce the issue are.


I was able to reproduce and am working on a fix for the next version.


Thank you. I think my issue with the Guide disappearing may be tied to that issue as well since it has similar symptoms:

I have an HDHomeRun Prime & Extend online, using a Fire TV 4K (Ver 3) with Channels DVR 2.0.7

Turn on TV first thing in the AM, go to Guide – all is good.

Turn off TV

Come back a few hours later, Turn on TV, three channels in Guide (Weather from Extend and Travel & Weather from Prime).

Unplug Fire TV then plug back it has to find the DVR again, but when it does, I have a Guide.

The guide is available 100% of the time on DVR Remote and in Plex.


Latest update cured the search issue.