Seeing progress menu pop up a lot

I am new to the Channels app but on my Fire TV 4k, I am seeing when watching live TV the progress bar on the bottom popup often. Sometimes it only comes up a few seconds after tunning into the channel, other times it may pop up every 10-45 seconds numerous times. Is that bottle neck on my DVR machine or Fire TV 4K? They are both hardwired.

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Have you checked signal strength, signal quality and symbol quality with the HDHomeRun Config GUI or on the HDHR’s web page?

Have you tried the HDHR app to see what it does?

I don’t know why, but, where the HDHR app will pixelate on bad data, the Channels app will often skip and buffer briefly.

So on the HDHR app it will not buffer at all…I should mention it does not stop the video when it shows the progress bar but rather the volume gets a little softer and the progress bar at the bottom appears. It is almost liked I just tuned into the channel but no interruption of the picture.

I have been trying to troubleshoot this on my end with the Channels team for 2 weeks. I cant watch NCAA or NFL football like this…going to a streaming service now.

I loved the app and the support, but its a no go for now.

Yeah, it does not seem to be a pattern on it…not sure if the issue is the signal, FireTV or DVR machine.

Have you checked anything I suggested?

@yarzy Please go to the bottom of the Player settings tab and click Submit Diagnostics > Video Player

Yes, as I mentioned, using the HDHR app, it does not do that.

Signal Strength - 100% (16.3 dBmV)
Signal Quality - 100% (37.5 dB)

Thanks Tmm1, I just submitted the error logs.

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@yarzy Thanks for the diagnostics. I see where the player flashed the timeline for about 60ms while you were watching.

Do you see any similar problems when you’re watching a recording, or is it during live playback only?

Seems to be only during live playback.

Dropped frames is causing it

So i am trying the system for a month on my synology NAS and am having this same issue on my Nvidia Shield. Progress bar pops up on bottom with low audio cutout. No disruption in picture. I only see it happening in 130.1 i think. Why is this happening? Would def be a deal breaker for me. Everything else seems ok, but its day 1. Gonna see if this if happening on my Apple tv 4k and other platforms..

Edit, this is happening elsewhere as well. Notice the stream rate looks much lower in comparison to other channels, not sure why. Signal strenth/quality 100%...