SHIELD Playback problem (Latest beta update v2023.01.05.0043)

I’m running a shield pro. After installing the lasted update v2023.01.05.0043 I can’t access any live or recorded video. Just get a spinning wheel. I’m my second shield pro I did not install them update and its working fine, no issues. Any suggestions?

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Confirmed issue with this beta. We're looking into it

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Ok, thanks for your response

I’ve been signed up in your beta testing program however I no longer see the update tab in the app.

If you are referring to access to the Beta from the Play Store release app, you will no longer find it; Google requires it to be removed.

The beta app must be either sideloaded, or updated through the Play Store beta channel.

If you are writing about something else, perhaps you could be more explicit.

Hmmm I see, makes sense. I uninstalled because of a problem with the last beta update so I uninstalled and then downloaded beta app from the play store. Can you explain the Play Store beta channel or where I can get file to sideload? Thanks

Same here! new shield pro install! Beta (1.5.43) won't connect to server!

Is there an older app, please?

Switch to software decoder in Settings >> Playback >> Advanced

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Bigger issues right now with the forum software. I posted a general reply to the main post, it seemed to hang, I hit reply to the person above me, it changed my main reply to a reply to his post. Now getting errors when trying to fixit it all.

Suffice it to say the new beta broke hardware encoder on my Shield, the workaround is temporarily switching to software until they fixit.

That works! Thank you :grinning:

If you disable hardware or hybrid in your advanced playback settings, it will work. Found that on my nVidia Shield last night in a frenzy.. It's a workaround, not optimal. Hardware is always optimal.

Thanks, tmm1!

Confirmed having the same problem on my Nvidia Shield client (spinning wheel). Seems to be client based issue as I was on 2022.12.31.xxxx and having the problem, upgraded the server to latest and still had the problem. Submitted diagnostics about 5 minutes ago.

Temporarily fixed using software decoder.

We were able to track this down. A new build with fix is uploading.

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New build fixes it here. Thanks devs!


This new build fixed on the Shield, but I still see an issue persisting on my Pixel 7 Pro. I get sound but no video unless I switch to software decoding.

1.5.2115 build
Android 13 T2B1.221118.006

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With mpeg2 channel? I think that's expected. Can you try the non-beta to see if there's any difference?

Yes, mpeg2 channel. Plays fine with hardware encoding on stable 4.5.1.