Show Stats 4K or not to 4K

Why does 'Show Stats' show scaled to 1080 when everything is set to 4K? It does this on ALL of my 4K setups.


Im just trying to understand if this is truly being scaled down, or just misinformation the 'Show Stats' is presenting. I tend to believe Show Stats is wrong. But if its not, how do I fix it?

I didnt realize this was pulled from another thread. I got it now, not scaled down, but the stats overlay is rendered in 1080p.

An unsupported feature so do not ask for anything.

Whether its supported or not, the correct information in its regards should be there a warning somewhere that pops up saying its not supported? I've been using ChannelsDVR for almost 3 years and have never seen any such warning anywhere, so why shouldn't I ask about its validity?.

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