Slight stuttering on latest version


When watching Live TV, I’m seeing some slight stuttering/jerking. I see it when watching recordings, but it’s not as bad. I submitted Video Player diagnostics today. Is there anything else you need from me to help troubleshoot it?

Thanks in advance!


Which model FireTV?


A brand new Cube that I picked up on Prime Day.


Same situation with the Fire TV Pendant. It gets so bad that live tv actually starts lagging behind itself (i.e. you have to press ffwd to bring the program you’re watching “up to date”. The HDHomerun app works properly in regards to the stuttering and lagging behind real time.


Also, it seems like the FPS is slower than with the HDHomerun app. It’s like watching live sports on an early model LCD.


I would like to send you a beta to try. Please go to, click on Promotional Emails and make sure “Amazon Appstore” is checked.


ok, “Amazon Appstore” is checked under Promotional Emails. :+1:


Thanks. Check for an email from Amazon with the subject “Live App Testing”

Follow these steps:

It might say “Buy” on the Amazon page but the live app test does not cost anything.


Amazon claims you’re still opt-ed out. Did you use the same account that’s tied to your forum email?

Number of opted-out addresses: 1 (These addresses have been opted-out of Amazon marketing communications)


I just double checked and i do have “Amazon Appstore” checked. Maybe it hasn’t processed the change yet, but the email is the same.


OK received the email and sent to my Fire TV pendants. I will test the app out after work.


It appears that the test version improves the FPS concern and the real-time lagging.


Same here. It seems though that the double-tap to skip commercials isn’t working in this version.


I seem to be having the same issue I sent log files also yesterday evening. It seems to stutter every second or so. fairly regular. it does not do it on my commercials Apple app or the HDHomeRun app. I have he latest Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote ‑ Black. I also have the apps store set to receive promotional emails. Also I use a harmony remote to control my fire TV not commercial skip I have to manually jump through the space where they used to be.


What is the version number shown on the About tab?

If you turn off Surround Sound on the Player tab does it make any difference?


Version 2.0.5 I moved the box to a different location closer to the antenna and that skipping, for now, has gone. What I do have is resolution pixelization on my Apple TV channels app though. It is very noticeable on black areas of the picture. I have Apple 4K TV a Vizio 4K Tv, and the picture from the channel’s app looks low rez. I watch directly from antenna no pixels. Change to the app, and it looks like a low-resolution picture.


How does the picture look in the official SiliconDust app?