Slo-mo features


Does the Channels DVR allow you to play back a recording in slow-motion?

For reference, my Dish Network DVR would do this, and I found it useful once in a great while. Basically, once you've paused, pressing the left or right button steps through degrees of slow-motion-ness (eg. hit pause, then press right once and it plays forward at 1/8 speed, press right again and it plays forward 1/4 speed, and so on)

Come to think of it, a feature to play back at 2x, 4x, etc. would also be really useful (in addition to the jump forward/back by so many seconds)


This is not currently a feature we offer. In what cases do you find yourself using this?


I can see using it for rewatching a play in a sporting event, but usually they replay most plays in slow motion already for us.


It's useful in any situation where something appears on the screen for a fleeting moment and you want to get a better look at it. Sports play are one example. Other examples are: a headline on a newspaper or some other text being held by an actor in a scene, a "jump scare" in a movie, the "fine print" in an advertisement, etc.


It's amazing that users can come up with almost instant uses for a neglected 'feature' and developers are mystified.

I'd like slow-mo or frame-advance at least 5 times a day. On the slow days - but Plex also refuses to implement (or even discuss what is already perfect in every way).

Dang users just making things difficult...



Actually, I think the reason for asking about reasons isn't because they don't see the use or value of the feature. The reason they need to ask is because how they might use or envision the feature could be totally different from how you would use it.

By seeking input from many different perspectives about a possible new feature, they can attempt to craft an implementation that satisfies all(/most) parties, instead of only a few. (Of course, there isn't a guarantee that the feature will ever be implemented, or if so, how soon. However, it is something that needs to be considered, especially from a UX angle.)


I think there must be some kind of technical reason for the absence of slow-mo/frame advance because in all my many years I've never seen it in any player - apart from old school DVRs/Decks and such, despite users' continual requests for same.

Over the last 6 months suffering through PTV I've used VRD a LOT to fix it. I also noticed VRD doesn't like editing AVC streams when it excels at editing MPEG 2 streams and the reason must be those pesky I Frames. Every frame of MPEG 2 is an I Frame while only some frames of an AVC stream are I Frames.

While editing AVC streams with VRD sometimes it gets confused and glitches out - could be directly associated with PTV material (don't know, never had to edit an AVC stream - until PTV came along).

Anywho - if a Player (any) glitches out with AVC streams during the playback of single frames it wouldn't be good to unleash that into the public. There must be a reason. I don't know what it is, but suspect it's right in that area somewhere.

Plex wouldn't discuss with smelly, annoying users (lol) the reason why they can't do something they deem silly. Perhaps Channels can actually reveal the reason it's not (perhaps easily) possible because I do believe Channels is actually working for us Users. As far as Plex is concerned - we're working for them.



Since I'm reliant on DRM'd cable channels, I'm still using Windows Media Center/CableCard as my main DVR, and it does have a frame by frame advance feature. And, once you know it's there, I do find myself using it every now and then. Their implementation of it makes complete sense to me, as well. Normally the skip ahead button advances 30s, but when you hit pause first, the skip ahead then advances frame by frame. Pretty slick. It seems to work on all the file types I throw at it, MPEG2, h264, mp4, mkv, etc.