Slow motion video

This could be a simple fix but i wanted to ask if anyone else had this problem and possible fix. I'm running the latest DVR on a amazon firestick 4k. It works great. However i've recently updated the home network and now for some reason when i play my recorded video's back it will run in slow motion (not the audio though) for about 3-10 seconds, then it runs normally. The video's are recorded on a a SSD internal to the server (server is a I5 6500 with 16 gigs of ram and a 1TB ssd over a wired gigabit connection). As i said this only happened when reconfiguring my network. I've got over 30+ items (wifi bulbs, ring and arlo camera's, 3 firesticks, 3 computers, 2 phones, 2 ipads) on m network running through a linksys wrt3200AC router. i've only noticed this one time before and it was a similar situation, again i tend to lean towards the router being the culprit, but at 229 dollars i hope its powerful enough to handle this stuff, then again maybe not. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Click the speed test button in the app and post what it shows


Is the streaming quality still set to original in the app?

I use original quality. My speedtest shows 350Mbps, 2.75ms latency and 1.34ms Jitter on 5G using a Netgear R7000.

Hmmm I'll have to check. I think it is

I’ve had this issue too. It’s weird. I’m using the Nvidia Shield for my client. The video will slow down, the audio will stop, then 10 seconds later the audio will start up again completely out of sync with the video. The video will continue to play in slow motion until the audio catches up and then all is normal.

I’m 100% a remote user so the stream is being transcoded.