Stream Links on Android/Google TV

I've been testing out Stream Links on both a TS4K+ (de-TiVO'd) and a CCWGTV. Thus far, I have been fairly happy. It will take a lot of work to manually keep up, but I figure if I add/remove links on a regular schedule once a week it should be all good. Some other observations/issues:

  • Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ seem to work with no issue. Often times links go to the program page where you have to click play again within the app instead of auto-playing, but that isn't Channels' fault. I've seen the same issue with TiVO and Realgood deep linking and do not believe there is a way to work around it. Unless there is something that can be appended to the end of the link, something like "?autoplay" or the like?

  • I cannot get Peacock Free to work. I have tried the link both ways (front page to a program and the address when it is playing) to no avail. The links work fine in the web version, so it has to do with Android/Google TV and deep linking. Realgood seems to have the same issue. Anyone have any ideas what can be done here, if anything?

  • Although it is not listed as supported, I have put in links to Hoopla. Again, in the web, there is no issue. But on the sticks, it opens up the phone version of Hoopla instead of the Android TV version. Any idea why that might be and how I might get that to work?

  • Similarly, I put in links to Kanopy. On the web there were no issue, but on Android TV it was like with Peacock where the link doesn't seem to trigger the app for deep linking (just gives an error saying no app is available). Is deep linking just a function of the app and the app developers have to put it into place themselves? Are there other apps that might work because they support deep linking (IE Discovery+) that have not been listed?

You might be able to download the APKs for those apps and check the AndroidManifest.xml to see what url schemes they have registered for deep links.

Can you share examples links for Hoopla and Kanopy?

FYI you can use the "Refresh Metadata" option on the web UI to have the DVR reload the underlying link from the strmlnk file.

I see the option for "Refresh Metadata" in the individual movies/episodes. Just gave it a test try and it worked perfectly. Good to know!

As an example of Hoopla and Kanopy, we'll go with "The Nine Lives of Marion Barry" on both:

I did some digging:

  • Hoopla has a bug where their deep links are hooked up to the mobile views instead of TV views
  • Kanopy seems to have no deep link functionality