Synology 7.0 DSM Release

Since 7.0 has been released, how come I still get the invalid file format error? Are you going to be updating the spk?



There are 5 other threads on this already. Including two from you.

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and still no date or commitment from the devs. I have no clue how to use docker either.

I don't either...but I'm sitting here trying to learn. I have it running on my Synology via Docker but I haven't figured out transcoding yet. I just posted a new thread asking how to get that done.

I am not going to use Docker either ... I am sure the developers will soon create a package.

Yeah I really don’t want to add the complexity of Docker if I don’t have to. Hoping the Devs will update to support it. I’ll just stay on version 6 until then.


I figured everything out. Now that I have it figured out its pretty easy to launch. I did a small tutorial in the other thread of mine.

I will also add that the native install of ChannelsDVR did port over to the DSM7 upgrade as a native app. Just for fun I started it and it did start....but I haven't played around with it yet to see if the native install works at all. So far I have my DS1019+ running great on DSM7 with Plex, Channels and Photos (Photos works way better than Moments)

I am glad it worked. My problem is that I installed channels in the root directory and not in it's own sub directory. I cannot delete because I can not reinstall in normally and since I do not know how to use docker, I am afraid I would not be able to reinstall it. I can certainly live with my current configuration for a few more months. Channels is the best!

Synology states that will work if it's already installed. Just that if you had to reinstall it will fail. I assume with some future DSM update they will disable the current version Channels DVR packaqe.

I didn't want to wait either. Both my NAS's updated to DSM 7.0 no problems. Running Channels in Docker on both of them.

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I am liking the new photos app. Makes the trouble of migrating to docker worth it.

A DSM7 compatible spk is available on

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I take it that it is safe to upgrade from DSM 6 to DSM 7 and install the new updated released SPK correct? everything should work again as before.

I do not need to install using docker or any other special install method?


See this post