Synology 7.0 DSM Release

Since 7.0 has been released, how come I still get the invalid file format error? Are you going to be updating the spk?



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There are 5 other threads on this already. Including two from you.

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and still no date or commitment from the devs. I have no clue how to use docker either.

I don't either...but I'm sitting here trying to learn. I have it running on my Synology via Docker but I haven't figured out transcoding yet. I just posted a new thread asking how to get that done.

I am not going to use Docker either ... I am sure the developers will soon create a package.

Yeah I really don’t want to add the complexity of Docker if I don’t have to. Hoping the Devs will update to support it. I’ll just stay on version 6 until then.


I figured everything out. Now that I have it figured out its pretty easy to launch. I did a small tutorial in the other thread of mine.

I will also add that the native install of ChannelsDVR did port over to the DSM7 upgrade as a native app. Just for fun I started it and it did start....but I haven't played around with it yet to see if the native install works at all. So far I have my DS1019+ running great on DSM7 with Plex, Channels and Photos (Photos works way better than Moments)

I am glad it worked. My problem is that I installed channels in the root directory and not in it's own sub directory. I cannot delete because I can not reinstall in normally and since I do not know how to use docker, I am afraid I would not be able to reinstall it. I can certainly live with my current configuration for a few more months. Channels is the best!

Synology states that will work if it's already installed. Just that if you had to reinstall it will fail. I assume with some future DSM update they will disable the current version Channels DVR packaqe.

I didn't want to wait either. Both my NAS's updated to DSM 7.0 no problems. Running Channels in Docker on both of them.

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I am liking the new photos app. Makes the trouble of migrating to docker worth it.

A DSM7 compatible spk is available on

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I take it that it is safe to upgrade from DSM 6 to DSM 7 and install the new updated released SPK correct? everything should work again as before.

I do not need to install using docker or any other special install method?


See this post

Is there any benefit to using the synology package over docker ? I know with plex a lot of people prefer the docker

Using the syno pkg, Channels DVR runs as system internal user channels.
You can limit its access with permissions. The docker version runs as root.
(Like giving it read only access to your local content imports so it can't delete them)

I never get chrome corrupted errors with the syno pkg install. Got them all the time runnning in a docker container.

Appears to still be happening.

Looking to move to my nas away from the pi 4

The only advantage I found for docker is when running more than one Channels DVR sercer on the same machine. You can map the hard coded port 8089 to another port number using docker.
I have a TVE source installed using the Synology package and a HDHR Prime source installed in a docker container on the same NAS.