Testflight: Channels DVR Beta


just received an email about this invitation for DVR Beta in Testflight. is this separate from the DVR Beta released?


I just added all the former Apple TV Alpha testers to the Apple TV Beta testflight. This is where testing will be done before releasing to the store. The Apple TV Alpha Testflight is over.

DVR Beta is not any kind of private thing. DVR is basically shipped. We’re just calling it a beta because we’re not comfortable with it’s polish or stability yet. You should always be using the store app.

We will routinely push out new changes to the Apple TV Beta prior to releasing to the store.


i think this is great as the testers can see new bugs first before you release the appstore update. great job!


Is there a place that shows each updates fixes/new features in the forum?


a change log and “things to test” is attached to the testflight build. You should get an email notifying you that a new one is available. It will be attached to that.


So when can the rest of us do the beta test ?


What about the DVR updates?


Channels DVR updates will roll out periodically. Your Channels DVR server will update automatically. You can read release notes here: Release Notes

If you mean Channels DVR? It’s open to the public. Anyone can sign up now at https://community.getchannels.com/dvr. It is not limited to any group. It is publicly available. All DVR support is on Channels on the app store. DVR support for Channels on Apple TV is not limited by any specific group.

The Channels “beta” is a testflight build that is sent out routinely before we ship to the store for beta testers to try out before we publish it to the store.


Yes although it now states for US and Canada. So good for you guys!


How do I get an invite for beta on my apple tv? I have testflight installed, but need a redeem code.



Are you still accepting beta testers ? I have tried to setup using the link but it takes me to the testflight page, but never get an email with invite code or link,


You need to use the Testflight link through iOS. It will open the Testflight app and let you opt in. Once you do that, you'll be on the bets for both iOS and tvOS.


Can you sign up for this via AppleTV? I have an AppleTV but an Android phone.


Unfortunately you can't. According to Apple, everyone owns an iPhone. :roll_eyes:

The link actually opens the Testflight app, where you then opt into the beta.


I've just had email through with a code to put in on my Apple TV. I'm assuming that was you? If so, thanks! :smile: