Release Notes

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Testflight: Channels DVR Beta
DVR server on windows
NEW: Channels DVR backend for Nvidia SHIELD
Recorded TV Filenames for Media Managers and Metadata
Web playback stuttering (Linux hardware transcoder)
Guide Channel Mapping Editor (v2017.02.10.0714)
Failed to refresh auth: Post
Bug Report: HDHR Extend recordings do not transcode
URL for DVR Public Beta Build - Release Notes
DVR Pre-Release Build: Web Player Re-design (v2017.05.03.2306)
Commercial Detection Fail
DVR server on windows
Search problem with Numbers
Synology DS-916+ not transcoding in real time (+ processing hooks)
Synology DS916+
Your subscription expired 37 minutes ago
DVR Pre-Release Build: Web Player Re-design (v2017.05.03.2306)
Recording quality
Loading.... for a long time
Repeated DVR Startup
Can't record 24: Legacy
[Recovery] panic recovered
Bug Report: Extending Current Recording Fails
Setting the guide zip on safari for iOS
2017.03.18.0237 > 2017.03.21.0415
Show with no upcoming episodes doesn't have Pass on AVTV
Volunteers to test new DVR build?
DVR server on windows
Temporarily missing guide data (UK)
Letting the server machine sleep (macOS)
What is the latest version of DVR
New ATV Beta: Re-designed Recordings tab! (+ new TestFlight)
Incorrect File Names <4%
Periodic disk access
Recording priority didn't work
Bug? - tuner selection for recording
Stack Trace: fatal error: concurrent map writes
Web GUI playback (Linux/NAS hardware transcoder)
Web GUI playback (Linux/NAS hardware transcoder)