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Testflight: Channels DVR Beta
DVR server on windows
NEW: Channels DVR backend for Nvidia SHIELD
Recorded TV Filenames for Media Managers and Metadata
Web playback stuttering (Linux hardware transcoder)
Guide Channel Mapping Editor (v2017.02.10.0714)
DVR Pre-Release Build: Web Player Re-design (v2017.05.03.2306)
Commercial Detection Fail
URL for DVR Public Beta Build - Release Notes
Failed to refresh auth: Post
Bug Report: HDHR Extend recordings do not transcode
Show with no upcoming episodes doesn't have Pass on AVTV
Periodic disk access
Recording priority didn't work
Bug? - tuner selection for recording
Stack Trace: fatal error: concurrent map writes
Web GUI playback (Linux/NAS hardware transcoder)
Web GUI playback (Linux/NAS hardware transcoder)
DVR server on windows
Letting the server machine sleep (macOS)
Search problem with Numbers
Volunteers to test new DVR build?
Temporarily missing guide data (UK)
Synology DS-916+ not transcoding in real time (+ processing hooks)
Synology DS916+
Your subscription expired 37 minutes ago
DVR Pre-Release Build: Web Player Re-design (v2017.05.03.2306)
Recording quality
Loading.... for a long time
Repeated DVR Startup
Can't record 24: Legacy
[Recovery] panic recovered
DVR server on windows
Bug Report: Extending Current Recording Fails
Setting the guide zip on safari for iOS
New ATV Beta: Re-designed Recordings tab! (+ new TestFlight)
What is the latest version of DVR
Incorrect File Names <4%
2017.03.18.0237 > 2017.03.21.0415