The Channels DVR Server had a problem

Connection Lost. The channel DVR Server had a problem. Press Play to try again. (Transcoder Reset). I have submitted diagnostics. Dev's please tell me why this happened.

2023/09/16 16:26:16.139161 New diagnostic log submitted under 3040830d-a448-4098-ba25-43c3d5107ef7
2023/09/16 16:26:18.419360 New diagnostic log submitted under d1e4ada2-5871-42a5-aff9-f3a44f14e3e5

Anyone seen this before?

Have submitted more diags yesterday. I also emailed support. Can you see if my emails are hitting spam?

why are you using transcoding?

I am not purposefully. I read that when on the home network transcoding is automatically disabled. How to I disable it for in home but leave it for external?

In your client app check Settings > Playback > Streaming Quality > Home Streaming : Original

I have that set at original. The original quality delivery is set to stream as my firestick has no storage. I have CC enabled, would that cause transcoding?

If I do manage to get it to not transcode.....what happens away from home, will I run into these issues?