The Channels DVR Server had a problem

Connection Lost. The channel DVR Server had a problem. Press Play to try again. (Transcoder Reset). I have submitted diagnostics. Dev's please tell me why this happened.

2023/09/16 16:26:16.139161 New diagnostic log submitted under 3040830d-a448-4098-ba25-43c3d5107ef7
2023/09/16 16:26:18.419360 New diagnostic log submitted under d1e4ada2-5871-42a5-aff9-f3a44f14e3e5

Anyone seen this before?

Have submitted more diags yesterday. I also emailed support. Can you see if my emails are hitting spam?

why are you using transcoding?

I am not purposefully. I read that when on the home network transcoding is automatically disabled. How to I disable it for in home but leave it for external?

In your client app check Settings > Playback > Streaming Quality > Home Streaming : Original


I have that set at original. The original quality delivery is set to stream as my firestick has no storage. I have CC enabled, would that cause transcoding?

If I do manage to get it to not transcode.....what happens away from home, will I run into these issues?

I am having this issue also, I have stream set to original.

Same problem, no idea why this is even trying to transcode.....


So can any Dev help us out, it's not as if it's just happening to one person

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Same Problem.

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The only diagnostics I see from you are not set to original, but it appears you're having problems due to reception issues. Please update to the latest DVR pre-release and then run the Resource Intensive diagnostics and then submit the diagnostics.

I don't see any diagnostics from you. Please do the same as above.

What is the problem? Please update to the latest pre-release and submit diagnostics as specified above.

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So I figured it out. The DVR was unable to access the library. It was a permissions issue. Not a transcode issue as the message suggested. Thanks for responding.

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@robertreff360 did you submit diagnostics after the issue happened?

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I am/was having this problem using my m3u channels. My connection has been unstable over the last week, so I am using the direct, not stream, but I changed home streaming quality to 1mbps, and that is causing the transcoding. I uploaded a diagnostic (86317f90-07d5-4cf3-96e3-28d6579b8cd6) then installed the pre-release version and changed it back to original for the quality. Have not had the transcoding error, but my connection is unstable still, however that is not a channels issue.

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Dare I say this is NOT the correct response to a user issue. The product should be stable whether it is using "direct" or "streaming." There are any number of reasons a user could be using "streaming." For me, I've been load testing and experimenting. The I receive the transcoder reset message typically after a few hours. But, it could 4 hours or 12.

One thing I have noticed that is disappointing is that when there is a transcoder reset the historical buffer (the ability to rewind to a point in time) is not kept when you press play to start again. It would be wonderful if that could be resolved. Otherwise, I'm rather pleased with the product thus far.

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The #1 cause of Transcoder Reset messages in clients is due to using unreliable IPTV providers (which we can't do anything about). After that, it's TVE channels that are having difficulties with the providers (which we also can't do anything about). Beyond that, the next most common is an issue with resources on the DVR being overloaded — IO constrained, network configuration issues, CPU constrained, etc.

After all of that, we do, from time to time, find bugs that we can fix or improve in the way our system functions.

The reason why we suggest that people use direct instead of streaming is because, in the general case, it's just better for everyone: Streams start faster, it uses less resources on the DVR, and there are less moving parts involved that can cause problems.

Yes, this is a result of a lot of design decisions over the years and it's unlikely to change in the near term. For most of our customers, this is a non-issue that they never run into. Using the DVR with an HDHomeRun is extremely reliable and it is unlikely that users with this setup would ever see this problem.