Tuner Network Problems

Error Message: Tuner network problems Network problems are causing issues with signal.
I'm pretty sure my network is good. Everything is connected through ethernet, no wifi, but I really don't know how to do any more troubleshooting on the network.
I've looked at the tuner status on the web interface.
Signal Strength|93% (-4.3 dBmV)
Signal Quality|100% (37.4 dB)
Symbol Quality|100%
Best test I could come up with was to compare against the HDHomeRun App, here are the results.
Started Channels on 9/2/2023 at 8:02pm, got the error message at 8:04pm
Started HDHomeRun immediately after. No error message. Gave up at 9:14pm
Started Channels immediately after. Got the error message at pm 9:14pm
Uploaded Diagnostics.
I'm not sure what else I can do to troubleshoot, but here's some more background information on some of the other resources I have. There are 4 fire tvs in my house. 2 are insignia, 2 are 4k Max Sticks. Anecdotally, I'm having trouble with one of the insignias and one of the fire sticks.
I'm up for suggestions.

Thought of another test.
Took the fire stick that seems to be working. Put it into an HDMI port on the tv with the issue and connected to the same ethernet jack. Started with Channels at about 9:30pm, no error message, gave up at 10:00pm
Uploaded Diagnostics.
Strange because the first test seems to show that the problem is with Channels since the problem does not happen with the HDHomeRun app, but change the hardware and nothing else, and Channels runs fine, so it is not looking like it's when using Channels on certain hardware.

Are you using the DVR? If so, you'll need to provide the ID of the diagnostic submission. If not, you'll need to provide support with the ID of your HDHR to look up diagnostics.

Sorry, forgot to mention. Just Channels for HDHomeRun. Device ID 1324B391.

Can you give me a photo of what the error is? I'm not seeing anything obvious in the logs.

I just sent an email to [email protected] with a Subject of Tuner Network Problems and two pics attached.

Based on the emails, I've run a few more tests, and here's what I've been able to figure out. I've moved the hardware that has been causing this problem to different ethernet connections in the house, and the problems follow the hardware, but only when using Channels, not other apps. It looks like Channels just happens to be resource intensive relative to the processors that are running most of the streaming devices these days. I've read that the processors are designed to handle a typical app only to keep costs down. So, in a nutshell, in order to use Channels, probably try to get one of the more powerful tvs or streaming devices. I'm about to get a Fire Cube as a fix.

The reason why you see this problem with Channels and not the HDHR app is because Channels reports a warning when the HDHR is dropping video data due to the network queues being filled and the official HDHR app does not do that.

We have no definitive understanding of why the device you're watching on cannot stream fast enough. Generally these network issues are because WiFi is involved, but if your setup has no WiFi connection at all between your TV and the HDHR, the issue must be something more unusual.

That is correct. Decoding MPEG-2 is more resource intensive than what most non-HDHR streaming apps need to do. From what we've experienced, everyone who tries to use Channels directly on their Smart TV ends up running into problems due to them being underpowered, out of date, buggy, and not frequently updated.

Thanks for the clarification! Yes, it definitely seems like a buggy smart tv. Too bad most smart tvs are just built badly. The fact that mine shows up as a network problem is mysterious, but otherwise fits the pattern. Nothing really to do now except avoid using my buggy smart tv. Nothing more to add, just wanted to close out by telling you that I appreciate all your help in explaining this to me!

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