TV Everywhere Beta Experiences


Yes. I believe this is normal. When I first suggested my daughter get something like Hulu Live or DTVN her husband said but the streaming services are all delayed about 30 seconds. That surprised me but it is true and I would need to test again but maybe the TVE is a little more delayed. He said it only bothers him for sports when it might get a text from a friend that is on OTA for the same game.


I’ve added a minute to the end of all DVR recordings. That extra minute just barely catches the end. The next selection is a 5 minutes. Wondering if there is anything in the works to fine tune the DVR settings for TVE channel delays?


Doubt it since it probably varies by channel, but I'm sure the Devs will reply.
Just happy I'm able to record them.


We are aware of the delay issues impacting recording start/stop. Some of the streams advertise their time and delay so we are working to integrate that.


ESPN+ possible? Be nice to have all the live streams together


After updating to the latest beta,, I again tried to get the discovery channels authorized. Failed again. So on a long shot, I decided to completely remove the TVE Verizon line up.

Added it back and now I have those channels. I dunno.... but I'm glad I can now testing those channels.

Thanks for all the hard work.


FYI... I tried to rescan TLC and it worked after the new version. But instead of trying to rescan all of them including the new sports I removed PS Vue and re-added. As I said before t went from 103 to 121 available.


Thanks to the Channels DVR developers for making this available. Really is a great addition to using the Prime HDHR Tuner.


Here in Pittsburgh, we have AT&T Sportsnet rather than a Fox Regional Sports network. I don't see that available.


Getting not entitled for Fox sports Sun and Florida .Working fine on Fox sports go. Xfinity.


New Issue: Latest Build

Web Browser Player.:

Stops playing, through out the show, I can skip back and it will play back up to the point of the stoppage. I can move forward, and sometime it will pick back up. I can then go back and watch the missed part.

These shows also have discontinuity_detected >0

Pausing the video and restarting the video does not get it to work and it doesn't record the action in the log. (I did this several time after 15:04:11.

Happens with both Hardware and Software transcoding

You can see in this picture the "Remux Paused" and yet the player is not.

And to add: If you skip foward, the Remux text changes to "Remux Running" then changes back to Remux Paused.

2019/07/04 14:23:57 [HLS] Starting transcoder for file16-ip192.168.1.21 at 0s from (encoder=remux, resolution=, deinterlacer=, bitrate=10000)
2019/07/04 14:24:03 [HLS] Pausing transcoder (out: 5m55.456s, view: 52s)...
2019/07/04 14:25:33 [HLS] Resuming transcoder (out: 5m55.456s, view: 3m26s)...
2019/07/04 14:25:36 [HLS] Pausing transcoder (out: 8m57.045333s, view: 3m28s)...
2019/07/04 14:31:18 [HLS] Resuming transcoder (out: 8m57.045333s, view: 6m28s)...
2019/07/04 14:31:21 [HLS] Pausing transcoder (out: 11m53.429333s, view: 6m31s)...
2019/07/04 14:32:49 [HLS] Resuming transcoder (out: 11m53.429333s, view: 9m24s)...
2019/07/04 14:32:52 [HLS] Pausing transcoder (out: 14m26.005333s, view: 9m26s)...
2019/07/04 14:39:44 [HLS] Resuming transcoder (out: 14m26.005333s, view: 12m31s)...
2019/07/04 14:39:48 [HLS] Pausing transcoder (out: 18m27.029333s, view: 12m59s)...
2019/07/04 14:41:26 [HLS] Resuming transcoder (out: 18m27.029333s, view: 15m58s)...
2019/07/04 14:41:29 [HLS] Pausing transcoder (out: 21m22.986667s, view: 16m0s)...
2019/07/04 14:44:35 [HLS] Resuming transcoder (out: 21m22.986667s, view: 19m7s)...
2019/07/04 14:44:37 [HLS] Pausing transcoder (out: 23m57.141333s, view: 18m42s)...
2019/07/04 14:50:55 [HLS] Resuming transcoder (out: 23m57.141333s, view: 23m32s)...
2019/07/04 14:51:00 [HLS] Pausing transcoder (out: 28m53.418667s, view: 23m32s)...
2019/07/04 14:51:26 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session file16-ip192.168.1.21 @ 28m53.418667s
2019/07/04 14:51:26 [HLS] Resuming transcoder (out: 28m53.418667s, view: 24m59s)...
2019/07/04 14:52:36 [HLS] Starting transcoder for file19-ip192.168.1.21 at 0s from (encoder=remux, resolution=, deinterlacer=, bitrate=10000)
[aac @ 0000000002f402c0] env_facs_q 255 is invalid
2019/07/04 14:52:44 [HLS] Pausing transcoder (out: 7m45.216378s, view: 2m22s)...
2019/07/04 15:01:03 [HLS] Resuming transcoder (out: 7m45.216378s, view: 5m16s)...
2019/07/04 15:01:06 [HLS] Pausing transcoder (out: 10m19.456378s, view: 5m17s)...
2019/07/04 15:04:06 [HLS] Resuming transcoder (out: 10m19.456378s, view: 9m35s)...
2019/07/04 15:04:11 [HLS] Pausing transcoder (out: 15m20.000378s, view: 10m8s)...


Get this error on the Golf Channel after the latest version. It just hung and did not play. Not sure I have seen this before in the past but could be wrong.

2019/07/04 09:48:55 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-Hulu for ch6159 GOLF
2019/07/04 09:48:55 [ERR] Error during stream TVE-Hulu ch6159: segment out of range
2019/07/04 09:48:55 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-Hulu for ch6159 GOLF


It's a known issue with the web player and transcoder. I reported this a few weeks ago but understandably they have to prioritize the TVE work. If you watch from an Android/Apple device on original quality the issue goes away


Reported that on 4/27 and was told on 5/27 they're aware of it and working on a fix.
Only happens when remuxing an H.264 recording.


AMC has no sound


AMC has no sound while using Fitzy Tv also, so probably an issue with network stream


AMC no sound on Xfinity


Same here no sound on AMC XFINIY.


AMC no sound here either with direct tv


Are you a Los Angeles customer of Channels DVR? Would you like to have KTLA 5 "News" available as a channel? If so, please like this so that the developers know there is interest. Maybe your major city would like to be added if there is a favorite channel.