TV Everywhere Experiences (Internal Beta)

Yes it is the same authentication. Doing full rescan all the time is not recommended, nor is adding/removing the source over and over.

TLC's website is not working correctly as I posted above earlier. Please use to tell them PSVue login is not working correctly on their website.

TLC custhelp DONE.

Not a high priority but trying to figure out easiest way to determine which TVE Source I am getting channels from. I have multiple TVE Sources that I am testing and plan to drop at least 1. But takes a bit of time to figure out which channels I would lose if I dropped a particular source. On my Apple TV I can disable a source and then I can see the guide of what is left. However, the Web UI does not have that option. I would have to remove it which you understand the problems with that.

I think is great the way Channels merges all of the channels but would be nice to know which TVE Source they are coming from. I guess I could open all 100+ channels than look at the LOG to see where they come from but that is time consuming. Maybe in the web ui EDIT menu could show which channels are not used based on the priority.

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Would it go by which is on priority?

Yes. I actually just manually selected each channel on my Apple TV then went into web ui log see which channels PS Vue was needed for with PS Vue being last in my list. I could move PS Vue higher in the list and it would be used more. But I mainly want to drop PS Vue so wanted to see which channels I would loose if I did.

Directv Now - I am grandfathered in so hate to drop it for multiple reasons including HBO.

Hulu Live - I mainly have the Live part for Echo Show Devices. But I have on demand with no commercials as well. I would drop the Live part if another service would support it, like Channels :slight_smile:

Philo - cheap for a lot of channels but I do not need it because most are in Hulu and DTVN

PS Vue - Has about 6 channels not covered by the above that I (or my wife) would not like to loose.

AND.... After more review it seems for TVE Only DTVN ($55 with HBO) does not get me a lot more then what I get with Hulu and the missing channels I believe might be in Philo ($20). Again, being able to change order and activate deactivate it would help to see where the channels are coming from. But again, this is pretty low priority and not many would probably do what I am doing.

How is Dtv now tv everywhere app access. I know they don't have Warner. Anything else?

Why do you have so many services? Seems like a lot of money every month.

I love TV and it is about the experience more than the cost. And my wife and I have completely different TV needs / wants. Before TVE I was using DTVN and Hulu with Live TV. I mentioned in a prior post why I have each one. I added PS Vue mainly for testing TVE because of limit TVE Login with Hulu and DTVN. PS Vue adds some channels I need, but the extra cost even for me is too much so trying to see what is best for us.

PS Vue was getting most channels until recently. I get a lot of channels with DTVN but missing some important channels for me. The combination of Hulu Live and DTVN seems to work pretty well but still not perfect. So for me is probably PS Vue, Hulu, DTVN, Philo. But maybe not the best for others. I want CNN and it is ONLY on PS Vue. I also want Fox New/Bus and they are only on PS Vue and Hulu. My wife like a few old tv channels that are only on PS Vue and TV Land is only on PS Vue and Philo.

Ps Vue and philo is probably your best bet even with the price increase. Who is your ISP?

Right for most TVE Channels. However, I can not drop Hulu Live because of our Echo Show devices in various parts of the house which we love using. Philo channels are available with DTVN. So Philo at $20 vs DTVN at $55 with HBO ($5). And I can use the DTVN Standalone App and get about 115 channels with my grandfathered account. So kind of tricky with limited TVE on DTVN. And since I am keeping Hulu and the TVE is not bad with them for channels I need it is just a mix of streaming services at this point.

My ISP is Frontier FiOS. Internet Only. Which is 200/200. I require fast upload speed. I dropped their TV Service and Cable Cards (used with Prime) which was about $120 over the Internet when I dropped them. I checked in again (not sure about TVE) and they now require me to rent a DVR (dumb). I just decided to hang up and not deal with them any more.

The latest dvr pre-release adds support for many Fox Sports regional channels. You can use the edit menu to rescan and add them. See for which ones you can access.


@tmm1 I sent an error and log to you this morning. re:FS

FOX Sports Results:

PS Vue - chrome auth_timed_out (same as the Discovery Channels)
Philo - encountered exception 'Uncaught' (5:5)
Hulu - Works for 6218, 6219, 6221-6225
- Others are either unimplemented or not-entitled
DTVN - Works for FS-WEST (6218) and FS-PRIME (6219)
- Others are either unimplemented or not-entitled

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@tmm1 regarding TLC's website.
I did post on and got back an automated type reply which I replied too. Not expecting any help.

But wanted to tell you this. I was working on my MacBook Laptop (normally on my iMac Desktop) and I was able to login to with Playstation Vue on Safari. Strange. The address bar blinked a bunch but finally worked and brought up the login screen. I tried again this morning on my iMAC and it does the same blinking but then just stops. Also on my desktop Chrome does not work but it does not blink the same.

Maybe related to Channels time-out which I sent the logs to you the other day.

I wonder if we should keep Channels DVR out of the discussion with the provider/network support? Is there a way they can break this for us because they don't like what we're doing?

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Yeah I wouldn't mention Channels, would just say you are having troubles with the website

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If that was directed at me. I would not have mentioned Channels mainly because it is not relevant since the issue was with my browser. If it only failed with Channels then they would simply say that is not their problem and to deal with your 3rd party provider.

With DirecTV I was able to get FSWest, Prime Ticket, and all three FCS channels; on Spectrum I get the uncaught exception error.

Spectrum is fixed in upcoming build (~5min to finish uploading).

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