TV Everywhere Experiences (Internal Beta)

When I go to the URL and login with my Dish information, it shows I have access to FS South and FS Southeast. When I rescan the FS South channel (6213) and the FS Southeast channel (6214) I get the message "not-entitled" for each of those.

Sorry that wasn't directed towards anyone. Just in general. I don't want the the providers/networks to catch on and ruin this for us. This has to be something they don't want.

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Because cable companies always care about having a competitive advantage. If this is an end around on DRM (as it is for me), no doubt they'd care (and not be happy) because that's been their ace in the hole for a very long time. If you can avoid having to buy cable card(s) with this as I'm sure some may attempt, then that's money out of their pocket too.

Never underestimate the will of a large corporation to not play fair and stack the deck in their favor whenever possible.

I agree, it is best to keep this off their radar.

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Playon. has been around for years. I know it's a little different but you can record on demand. Cable cards are a thing of the past. Spectrum doesn't require them anymore. Although they won't let you add the cloud DVR to complete cable packages.

This also fixed the same error on Philo. Now I get the normal error of "login no supported" which is expected.

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FX (6080) works but the video quality is bad. Stops and then Starts etc. But no errors in the LOG. However, FXP (6081) works perfectly. Could this be an east coast feed issue unique to this channel?

I have few channels that give a timezone error for the east coast feed but not this one and a few others like TBS and TNT which do not have a problem.

Try and report the problem to

I saw the same issue last night with the FX (6080) channel. The FXP (6081) worked fine but the FX channel wouldn't really play at all. What's interesting is the FX channel through the Fitzy TV app worked just fine during the same time frame. I haven't tried FX today.

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I am getting "chrome auth_timed_out" on channels like the Food network and HGTV, that are included on my package with PSVue.

So I was watching and recording the same channel and was have really bad buffering. I checked the log and this what t said “ 2019/07/02 15:05:44 [WRN] Buffer for TVE-DTV ch6050 is more than 50% full (clients=2, len=16809984)”. Other channels work fine any ideas?

DONE.. But it is Eastern:

This is a known issue. I have the same problem with channels: 6101 - 6110 and 6112 and the new Fox Sports Channels. You only mentioned 2. Do you have the same problem with the others?

Yes, I have the same problem with the Fox Sports Channels.

No this is the first real issue I have had so far.

Was it glitching on the FX website also?

FYI your DVR is out of date as newer builds don't have this error anymore.

We're still missing a number of Fox Sports regional channels.

If you have access to the Ohio, Indiana, Florida or San Diego channels, please email [email protected] to help us test.

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I can verify that the FX channel in the Channels DVR app is still not watchable. It stutters and pauses. I can watch the FX channel just fine through the FXNOW app. This is on a Firestick 4K.

OK, I'm not a sports fan but thought I would test this anyway.
I was able to login to the site, but how do I know which channels I have access to?

I clicked on 'Live TV', 'Replays', 'Highlights' and 'Settings' but don't see a list of the channels anywhere.
On Live TV all I see is three LIVE NOW and a bunch of FEATURED and UPCOMING.
Scrolling through them all I don't see anything but the following in black rectangles in the upper left.
(shows my local affiliate station callsign) FOX
FS1 (FOX Sports 1)
FS2 (FOX Sports 2)
FSGO (FSGO Extras)