TV Everywhere Experiences (Internal Beta)

I concur

Is it stuttering on

That's all it shows. You would see FS WEST, FS NORTH, etc

Yes. I also reported as you suggested. They replied with the standard "clear the cache in your browser". Since I do not have lot of time dealing with them I decide to disable the eastern feed and just use the pacific feed for now.

FX has some issues in general, one being that the "eastern" link brings up the stream for the "pacific" channel.

On the website it even shows that Avengers is playing live, but when I click it I'm taken to a stream of Ride Along. Ride Along is working fine (pacific channel) but Avengers is having issues even on their site. > leads me to the pacific stream

I was able to verify the issue occurs while watching the eastern feed of FX on the website. It is working normal through the FXNOW app so they must use a different URL for the app versus the website.

Check the url compared to the m3u8 url...


It's like they know the eastern stream doesn't work so they redirect to the pacific channel.

I can't see the TVE FSTV or NBCNEWS logos.
They must be white logos on transparent backgrounds?

FSTV fstv-logo_6778

NBCNEWS nbcnews-logo_6758

But if I make a negative of the image in an image editor, I can see them.

FSTV fstv-logo_6778_negative

NBCNEWS nbcnews-logo_6758_negative

You are amazing, thank you.

A am able to connect to some of the Fox Sports and regional channels I am subscribed to on Spectrum.

FCS - Eastern
FCS - Central
FCS - Pacific
FS Deportes

The two i would like are both called FS Southwest. Only one option for FS Southwest shows on the edit screen. I just get "not-entitled"

The only other one on the FoxSportsGo site is FSGo. Not sure what that one maps to on the list

Let me know if there is anything i can do to assist. Many, many thanks


Any luck getting to the bottom of this one? I'm running the latest beta and results are the same.

Ok thanks, updating now. Keep up the great work folks.

The problem with the FX feeds has been fixed in the latest DVR pre-release build.

I can confirm FX Eastern Feed is working properly here with the latest update.

I get this when I try to scan Fox Sports West. I logged in on the website and it shows that channel.

fs2go auth error: 403 Forbidden

Weather Channel now requires a subscription. Was one one the free ones before :frowning: Fitzy tv still has access

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Still not working, even after an individual scan after days of waiting.

Wow 186 channels on PS Vue all of a sudden. Great job! I didn't even purchase that much content!


How did that happen after you post a few minutes ago?

Ask the developer.

Doesn’t mean you has access. Most providers show 186