TV Everywhere Experiences (Internal Beta)

Well, Dick, one thing that the user base has established is that's it's hard to know what we has access to around here.

How do I get access to that Discovery Suite that is missing?

There is a bug affecting Discovery channel access with certain providers. It happens even if you try to login yourself in a browser (via for example). We are investigating and looking for a workaround.

The "186 channels" issue also appears to be a bug. Refreshing your browser should show the correct number.

This software is in BETA and undergoing rapid development. There were 132 updates to the DVR released in June, and 14 updates in the first three days of July so far.



Is it still full price while it's in BETA?

You don’t know what channels are in your package?


Wow you seem hard to please, if you feel like $8 a month doesn't justify the features of the DVR then cancel your trial (going by your join date you aren't even paying yet) and find another developer to annoy.

This is a new feature, it isn't something they are required to offer or even promised to offer, and you want a discount based on the fact that it is in beta? GTFO.


No, it’s free if you are a Channels Dvr subscriber.

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Hard to please?

I only signed up for this feature, and the Discovery package isn't available? You gotta be kidding me.

I hope you are joking. This is a NEW Feature (TVE) that is being provided to those of us that want to be part of the beta to help test it. The production (non-beta) version still works fine without problems but does not include this NEW TVE Feature.


Kinda reminds me of people who would bitch about apps crashing in an Apple iOS beta! lol so much that Apple had to restrict/cut off those who would post reviews while on beta for those apps lol

Some guy showed up in the SageTV forum saying that TVE is now supported with this software, and that is the sole reason why I came here. Clearly the mistake was mine. My apologies.


"We are happy to announce a new feature in public beta: TV Everywhere support!"

It's basically a bonus, the DVR isn't in beta and works just fine, if you only signed up bc of the TVE integration then you signed up for a Beta product. What you are paying for is the DVR with TVE being a feature. You can't have one without the other.

This product is to DVR and play OTA content using HDHomerun as the source. This has always been the main product. And they charge $8/month for one of the best DVR OTA products out there (IMO), especially for ATV. This is their production product they charge for.

The "TV Everywhere" is a new feature they launched in BETA a couple weeks back.They have never increased the price of their product since the release. And this feature is still in BETA, and only open to those who wish to test the BETA by following instructions. It is not in the main product.

If you follow the instructions and decide to try the BETA, then you should have the patience of any BETA tester. You automatically take on the assumption that there will be bugs, and that product will not work up to production standards. Sending developers bug reports when you find it helps refine the product, and eventually put it out to production.

So thank you for being a BETA tester, and your patience.

You're welcome to join the BETA and help test out the TVE function.
Just realize it's in BETA and was just introduced 3 weeks ago.
Have some patience. The devs here are very responsive to their users.

If you don't like being a BETA tester, you can still use the DVR without the TVE function.

FYI... There are other streaming and cable options that you can use to get these channels if they are most important to you. Both Hulu Live and Directv Now are getting these channels with my subscriptions. My guess is some CABLE Logins are also getting them. I am not sure why PS Vue is now having this problem. I believe the developers will make every effort to add support for them but you do have other streaming options BUT you might not get other channels you want.

Apparently, by default, I did join the BETA, and only the BETA. I have no need for the other functions. I will apparently pay to be part of the BETA.

You seem to think that the Channels DVR only does TVE that is an addition to the OTA/Cable Channels DVR... and remote access.

Were you the one that brought this into the SageTV forums, Edwin?

Yes I was .. Channels DVR is a great Product and it should be introduced in other forums ... but remember this is also a full fledged DVR not just TVE.