TV Everywhere Experiences (Internal Beta)

I just meant for the local CBS stream, if you are a subscriber you have access to it from (I think) any market.

Just wanted to add this info in case somebody using this service wasn't aware of what it is or why it exists. TVEverywhere, The Cable companies want you to use this TVE service, they started it... To bring back the cord cutters...

Hey, why can' I get *** that I had on *** service I subscribed to, it should be streaming somewhere...

Have to say I didn't know this before this Beta as I hardly ever streamed anything and when I did the recording of those streams (If even possible) were corrupted and unreliable.


Anyone else having issues with NBC SportsNet Philadelphia channel 6170? I have it authenticated via two sources, Xfinity from my PA home and PSVue that I use here in HI. The NBCSN Philly+ channel 6171 works fine and so do all the other NBCSN regionals from other markets that were authenticated, like Chicago, DC, Boston, etc.

It plays sometimes but usually stops at about 7-10 seconds in. I’ll get the logs to Channels support as soon as I can.

I have to say, this is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for and is incredible! I’ve been needing to merge my local OTA channels (for my wife mostly) with my Philly sports teams access and certain cable channels. This works perfectly, but of course the ONE channel I care about most (NBCSN Philly) is the ONE I have an issue with! I had an Amazon Recast on order to merge my local OTA and my PSVue Philly subscription but have since cancelled it once I tried his amazing service. Much better WAF!

Many thanks to the Devs and everyone here way smarter than I that have done this and made it what it is today!

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Also, is there a reason NFL Network isn’t included? I know someone mentioned earlier that it should be possible.

Fox Sports Florida guide is incorrect. All I currently have are giant blocks of “Off Air”. The guide is correct.

I went through my TV subscription and found all the sites that have web streaming and posted the links to them much earlier in the thread, and NFL Network was one of them. So many channels, so few hours in the day to back engineer how their streaming system works and make it play nice with the DVR :smiley:. NFL Network has 4 weeks until it matters, since that's when they start broadcasting preseason games, so maybe the focus is on other channels that have meaningful content now, like the remaining Fox Sports and other RSNs.

Personally, I hope beIN Sports is high up on the list, because they have a lot of soccer on right now but don't have apps for Android TV/Fire TV/Apple TV, and casting from the Android app is buggy to the point that it just randomly stops every 20 or 30 minutes. I think the Channels devs can give me a better way to watch than beIN themselves can.


Fixed in the latest build. The fox sports integration has been rewritten and should now pick up all the channels you have access to.

If anyone sees missing guide data or "unimplemented channel" please let me know.

(After updating, click the circle refresh icon to reload guide data.)

Excellent... guide appears to be correct. In the process I’ve lost the icons for both Fox Sports regional channels I have access to (Florida and Sun).

Icons fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

NFL Network has been added in the latest build.

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I updated to the latest build and re-scaned the NFL Network but I get the "notAuthorized" message. However, if I go to the NFL network website I can log in with my Dish login and it allows me to watch live TV.

This channel, NESN, is not working any longer. I am on DirecTVNow. Not sure if this is a network issues or DirecTV Now does not have access to this station any longer.


That sounds like a temporary error but you can try your login on to see what happens.

DirecTV Now is not a vaild provider according to their website. Thanks.


TVE is telling me I am not subbed to the NFL network after a rescan but i am and I can watch it live on their site.

what should i do? delete and readd the service?


Please update to the latest build and try Rescan again.

The NFL Network now authenticates for me. Thanks!

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When you say "rescan" you mean go to the settings > press the source for TVE > then press "edit" > find NFL network > then the gear icon > then "rescan." Is there an easier way to do that? I would think pressing the refresh icon on the main settings page should do the same thing... no?

The ABC signal is horrible in Philly. Desperatly trying to find a solution now before MAOS comes on in 15min...

Best to rescan only one channel at a time that way, see a post earlier about issues you would have if you did it the other way (deleting and re-adding the TVE device).

Clicking refresh under a device just updates the guide data for the channels it has enabled.

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thanks, that worked! but...with the new build i get errors on the YES network.

If I play Yes on the web ui, i get this error:

2019/07/12 20:11:13 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch6205: TVE: playback-scenarios.not-found-in-media

if i play YES on the apple tv, it says tuner not available but in the logs, i get this error in red:

    2019/07/12 20:13:34 [Recovery] 2019/07/12 - 20:13:34 panic recovered:
GET /devices/TVE-Cablevision/channels/6220/stream.mpg?codec=copy HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json

runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
/home/vagrant/go/src/runtime/panic.go:82 (0x445b45)
/home/vagrant/go/src/runtime/signal_windows.go:233 (0x4459e0)
/home/vagrant/channels-server-win64/http_device.go:327 (0x10f5b72)
/home/vagrant/gopath/pkg/mod/[email protected]/context.go:108 (0xa1e859)
/home/vagrant/channels-server-win64/http_device.go:36 (0x10d8595)
/home/vagrant/gopath/pkg/mod/[email protected]/context.go:108 (0xa1e859)
/home/vagrant/channels-server-win64/http.go:210 (0x10d5792)
/home/vagrant/gopath/pkg/mod/[email protected]/context.go:108 (0xa1e859)
/home/vagrant/channels-server-win64/http.go:190 (0x10d45f3)
/home/vagrant/gopath/pkg/mod/[email protected]/context.go:108 (0xa1e859)
/home/vagrant/gopath/pkg/mod/[email protected]/recovery.go:48 (0xa30090)
/home/vagrant/gopath/pkg/mod/[email protected]/context.go:108 (0xa1e859)
/home/vagrant/gopath/pkg/mod/[email protected]/sessions.go:65 (0xfae6d6)
/home/vagrant/gopath/pkg/mod/[email protected]/context.go:108 (0xa1e859)
/home/vagrant/channels-server-win64/http.go:245 (0x10eeb98)
/home/vagrant/gopath/pkg/mod/[email protected]/context.go:108 (0xa1e859)
/home/vagrant/gopath/pkg/mod/[email protected]/gin.go:361 (0xa273cd)
/home/vagrant/gopath/pkg/mod/[email protected]/gin.go:326 (0xa26bea)
/home/vagrant/go/src/net/http/server.go:2774 (0x6ff15e)
/home/vagrant/go/src/net/http/server.go:1878 (0x6fac47)
/home/vagrant/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1337 (0x45fc00)