TV Everywhere: UK Providers

Hi there,

Any plans on bringing the UK providers to Channels DVR, for e.g. Now TV, Sky Go etc?


Is TV Everywhere even available in the UK? if no then no, channels is piggybacking on that service and I don't even think TVE is offered outside of the US.

Unfortunately no. Only American programmers was skilled enought to do such thing.

Because we only have effectively 2 pay TV providers in the UK, Sky and Virgin, there is arguably less of an incentive for them to create a TV everywhere-type system. There are a few smaller providers like BT, TalkTalk, NowTV (Sky) and TV Player (failing), but I don't think there is enough of an ecosystem to set up such a system. Plus, the UK is fairly unique with the amount of content on Freeview. We get lots of channels for free that would be on pay TV in most other countries. Freeview claim that 90% of the most popular programming is available on Freeview.

But there are also lots of freetoview - e.g. UKPlay, iPlayer, ITVHub, All4, Five etc.. these only require a login to view both live and on-demand. I wonder if there would be another way of integration ? I know its not TVEverywhere, but would be good as a future build ?

It shouldn't be built from scratch. You should do email campaign to Adobe - their servers are backend of whole TVE system.
IF there is no TVE in UK, channels DVR should be cheaper for UK customers because the only thing you need in fact is good HDHomeRun.

I am still waiting if Silicon Dust create such tuner for DVB-S.

Still Sky is not so small. It is available in Austria, Germany,Spain and Italy. For some reason SKY is missing two major countries in EU - France and Poland. If only they could unify their offering across the countries. The biggest issue is extortion on sport broadcast rights market I suppose.