TV Guide Behavior - Firestick vs Web UI vs iOS/tvOS

So I have expanded my setup to include a firestick and I noticed the guide on the firestick didn't match guides on the other platforms, iOS and tvOS. I checked the setting and noticed the channels favorites and tuner priority was different. I changed it on the firestick to match the iOS and tvOS clients.

No when I browse the Guide on the Firestick, it shows all of the channels from ALL of my sources.

What I expected was one listing per channel based on the tuner priority. For Example, If I have an HDHomeRun Quattro first then my ATT TV Now account second. I expect ABC in the guide to be from HDHomerun and not show ABC from ATT TV Now source.

On the iOS and tvOS interfaces this shows up correctly. However, on the firestick I see ABC from BOTH sources. So, I tried hiding ABC from ATT TV Now source. The firestick guide now works, but I noticed the WebUI is the same as firestick with hidden ABC channel. I have set a different priority for the WebUI vs the firestick.

Does this mean the firestick and the WebUI share the same tuner priority and channels favorites/hidden functionality?

Can the firestick guide be fixed to behave like the iOS and tvOS clients?

The ABC from the TVE source may have a different name in the guide from the HDHR tuner (I know that is the case in my situation), and this may explain the discrepancy.

Also, the webUI of the server does not hide/merge channels that are shown in higher priority tuners in its guide like the clients do.

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FireTV/Android currently sets favs/hidden directly on the HDHR, which is also what the DVR uses.

We are in the process of making some big changes in this area to make favs/hidden separate on the DVR and on FireTV/Android.

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Are tuner priorities shared by the FireTV/Android and DVR? Or just the favs/hidden?

Only favs/hidden are shared currently.