TVE - Hallmark Channels low stream quality?

Hello, the three Hallmark Channels are streaming for me at 640x360 in Channels DVR. Went to check Hallmark Channel Live and could not get it to stream. The pre-Ad will stream, but TV stream fails with "unknown error occurred". Using Philo for login. The Philo Native App works and appears to be streaming at 720p.

Updated to Pre-release 2021.10.13.1803 and same issue.


If their website isn't working contact their support. It won't work in Channels until their website is fixed.

If those channels are important to you, then you could also consider Frndly TV for Channels

I noticed an issue a couple of hours ago. Figured it was just me. Seems to be back to normal for me now.

Channels DVR was streaming fine, just stuck at 360p. That is when I went to the Philo App and it appeared to be running at HD(don't know if the app will show stream quality). When I check via browser it was not able to stream. I thought maybe my Internet was an issue, so I VPN to another network and ran into issues still. Was about to open a Support case with Hallmark and of course after I post here everything is back at 720p. :wink: Family knows to goto Native Apps, but I ask them to let me know if they run into issues so I can investigate.

Guess the Philo App uses a different stream than the Native Hallmark App? All good nothing to see here. :wink: Thanks!

FYI, if you are curious about the quality of the streams with TVE, you can take a look here:

Frndly TV is not as good:

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