Unavailable HDHomerun Premium Channels still present in Channels' Guide


I've noticed that a number of HD Homerun channels that have been removed from the lineup due to the Omniverse/Discovery disputes are still showing in the Channels Guide despite being absent from my my.HDHomeRun.com lineup. Any tips on how to force these to disappear from the guide? (I'm running the latest pre-release channels software too)


Channels Web Interface Showing Channels Don’t Appear In App

Thanks for documenting this. Weird bug.

Try updating to the latest pre-release by holding SHIFT and click Check For Updates

Three missing premium channels

Also reported here some time ago:

The updated version doesn't resolve the issue.


Try forcing a guide refresh with circle icon after updating


Yep, that did it.


That worked for me too. HDHomeRun premium channels that are part of the Omniverse/Discovery dispute are no longer in my Channels Guide.

Thanks Aman.


Quick follow-up on this: I noticed that when I’m searching for programs in the DVR to set recordings or passes at least some of the guide listing content for the Omniverse/discovery dispute channels still shows. I’m on the most recent beta iOS software:


Hmm, these should disappear eventually. Data past the upcoming week is not purged as often.


Ok. Good to know. Thanks!