Variable Seek Times

I would like to see variable seek times.

For example most commercial breaks on OTA are 3 minutes. On SageTV I have seek forward set to 180 seconds.

You can set this in the client or on the server.

Yes, but as per the OP's request, the largest increment is 30s, which is less than the OP is seeking.

Unlikely we will support this in the UI. You can fast-forward, or use the commercial skip options.

If you really want this, you could force it onto all your clients as so:

curl -XPUT http://x.x.x.x:8089/dvr/clients/settings/global/

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I am running on Windows. I get
404 Not Found

Then replace curl with curl.exe

curl.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command

You have to download and install curl

curl.exe is bundled with Windows 8 and above. We don't support Windows 7 anymore.

I download and installed curl and I get a 404 Not Found

Did you replace the x.x.x.x with or the IP of your DVR?

I have to say the commercial detection and skip work very well on my system. Occasionally they are not completely synced, but usually they are off by just a few seconds. I am very pleased with the product and performance. Where else can you get such high quality software, at a very reasonable price and with exceptional support from the actual developers? I read many of the posts on the forum and I'm continually amazed at how picky and ungrateful some users are. Channels Team, keep up the good work. I thank you.

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Yes. As a test I entered:

The response was:
{"general.startupsection.section":"TV Shows","library.browsebyfolder":"true","library.kidssectionenabled":"false","serverside.channelcollections":""}

When I entered:

The response was:
404 Not Found

You need add the flag -XPUT to change the request from a default GET method to a PUT method.

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What you're doing is a GET. You need to do a PUT by entering the curl command he gave, substituting your dvr's IP address for the x.x.x.x in his example.

That worked. Thanks

I’m on iPhone, Apple TV, and Sony TV. How do I add that longer duration seek option to my Synology server? A simple option in the software would be nice.

I commonly watch a show before the commercials are detected so a longer seek duration is needed. Is this option being blocked by lobbyists for the FCC, the Ad Council, or some other agency?

You can adjust seek speeds in Settings > Playback > Seek Duration

What? No.

You never know @maddox, those mysterious black vans with the tinted windows circling your neighborhood could be the Ad Council.

This made me laugh so hard I snorted.