Video Drags/Sound OK

When I play some recordings, the video drags, but the sound is OK. I can play the recording using the Channels Web interface or by accessing the video file directly and it plays fine. Have tried turning off surround sound and adjusting the stream rate with no success. Any ideas?

Fire DVR version 2.1.14

BTW using Plex has the same dragging behavior.

What device? You can try changing decoder from Hardware to Software.

Device used for tuning SD HomeRunPrime
WD NAS for DVR Server.

I changed the decoder. Rebooted the Fire. No change.

Is this a Fire Stick 4K, or something else?

Please submit diagnostics from the app after seeing the issue.

Firestick 4K , software version 2.1.14 Diagnostics submitted. Video Player & Other

The decoder is dropping frames like crazy. Is this happening on all recordings or only some? And live tv too?

Can you email one of the recordings having issues to [email protected]

Nothing happening on live TV, only some recordings. And the lagging does not occur when direct playing or using DVR web. It won't allow me to mail it (says it is too big), got a place I can drop it?

You can use google drive, dropbox or something similar. Or firefox send

Sent via Dropbox link

I got a link to the folder. Can you link to the file instead so I can download directly vs adding to my dropbox.

No prob, link sent

It looks like Comcast in your area has started re-encoding local stations like CBS from mpeg2 into h264. The recording is 720p 60fps @ 4mbps. I guess the decoder on the Fire Stick 4K is struggling to handle the 60fps and dropping frames..

Watching the same CBS feed from your PRIME works?

Just looked at it and Live lags. I have an Extend on line, and it looks OK. Maybe I will flip the recording to that.

Not ideal when the weather is bad but it will have to do.