Video freezing


Sometimes the video will freeze when watching TV and I noticed this line always repeats many times in the log when that happens: “09-16 14:23:27.961 13767 13807 W mpv : [vd] could not consume packet”. What does this mean?


Which FireTV device? And which app version number?

Usually that error means the hardware video decoder has crashed. In v2.0.9 we made some fixes where corrupted video packets are dropped and not send to the hardware to prevent this.


Fire TV pendant, app version 2.0.9.


So it could be corrupted video being sent to the Fire TV? I’ll try rebooting my hdhomerun and replacing its ethernet and coax cables.


Can you email the entire log to [email protected] and I can see if there are other signs of corruption.


Unfortunately the lot didn’t contain much more since most of the old stuff was gone.

I would use the Tuner Status page on your HDHomeRun prime to see what the Signal Quality/Strength numbers are like, and to see if the Streaming Rate is dropping at all when the video issues occur.


so I have notice also that if watch something for few hrs my screen will freeze and only way to get back is to exit the app and then open it again this is with pendant 2.0.9 but had also happened on previous version also


I bought a powerline adapter for my Fire TV. I noticed I could significantly lessen the frequency of the video freezing by changing wifi channels. I was also getting frame drops and buffering. My Fire TV was getting an RSSI of -76 over wifi so that was most likely the cause of the issues I’ve been having.


Suggest using MoCA adaptors vs Powerline. I had numerous problems on Powerline, while MoCA solved almost all of my problems.


Damn, it happened again. This is with the powerline adapters installed.

Signal strength and signal quality show at 100% in the hdhomerun tuner status menu.

Can the app be made to reset the channel when this happens?


From my experience, Powerline adapters are inadequate. Too many fluctuations within the electrical line. YMMV.


I am missing your point.

As stated previously, Powerline adapters aren’t the best for network solutions as they are very susceptible to interference. The only way that I know to provide a continuous, uninterrupted signal is to move to a MoCA (current 2.x) solution, if required for your network. YMMV.

Sorry posted in incorrect thread…don’t know how to delete…however, my opinion of Powerline adaptors still stands.


Has this gotten any better in the latest version (2.0.12)?


Unfortunately this is still happening. It happened just now.


Would it be possible to give the user a choice between different codecs like in InstaTV? I've been using InstaTV but the guide is a downgrade from the one in the Channels app; InstaTV's guide only lets you see what's playing now, and it doesn't give you the option to only show HD channels.


I bought a Fire TV Stick 4K in the black friday deal and so far Channels has not crashed on that. I saw in the logs that it's using software decoding instead of hardware acceleration(see here), so maybe that's why it's been more stable.

Also, what are those dropped entries at the bottom of the log file? I assume those are dropped frames? If so not a big deal as I can't notice it.

On my Fire TV 4K pendant I still get a crash once every few days, not too frequent but for something as basic as TV I expect rock solid 24/7 stability. Would it be possible to add an option for software decoding on the pendant?


The pendant cpu is too slow for software decoding, unfortunately.