How did you get the hack to generate the VideoReDo project file?

Commercial Detection Experiences

After you enable the EDL hack

Add output_videoredo3=1 in the override comskip.ini file

On my Synology NAS I copied the default comskip.ini to the override location;

Edit that comskip.ini file to ADD THESE LINES UNDER [Output Control]
;outputs VRD 5 compatible Project file
;you may also want to play around with adjusting the markers forward/backward
;amount of frames subtracted from the videoredo cut time output, use negative numbers to shift to later

chmod 644 comskip.ini


Thanks, I have channels dvr on a Mac mini with video redo 5 running in a windows 10 running in A Parallels VM.

Having a problem locating the comskip.ini that the DVR uses




You might have to edit the generated VRD Project file using a good text editor to make the path to the recorded file on your Mac mini work with VRD in Parallels.


Don’t understand how to get the VRD project file when I can’t find the comskip.ini file to edit to create the VRD project file


Run commercial detection on a recording.
After it's done processing, look in your ChannelsDVR folder where your TV shows and Movies record to.
In the ChannelsDVR folder is another folder named Logs.
In there is another folder named comskip.
In that is folders for each file that comskip was run on and there you will find the default comskip.ini used by Channels DVR.

i.e. ChannelsDVR/Logs/comskip/1048/comskip.ini


i guess Im missing the obvious. I added output_videoredo3=1 to every comskip.ini I could find including those located in the ChannelsDVR\Logs\comskip folders. Im stlll not getting a VideoReDo project file

I believe I need to find the actual default comskip.ini file Channels uses to generate the data in the Logs folders.

In a post above a default comskip.ini is referenced as being copied to an override location location on my Mac

Thanks in advance


or re-run comskip after editing the comskip.ini?


Was off the grid for a few days.
Look at this thread

You need to put the modified comskip.ini in the data directory.
Not sure where that is on a Mac.
You may want to ask @tmm1

Be aware that if the default comskip.ini changes with an update to your Channels DVR, you need to update your override comskip.ini in the data directory with the changes.

Maybe @tmm1 could include the VideoRedo output in the default comskip.ini, since it's just another small text file to output.


I havent been able to find the default. Agree it would be nice to have the default .ini output a VideoRedo project file


I'm using the current beta version 2019.02.12.0028 of Channels DVR.

Not sure if this is working as designed, but if you have an override comskip.ini in your data directory, Channels DVR does not copy it or the default comskip.ini to the Logs/comskip folder. If you rename your override comskip.ini in the data directory to comskip.bak, then Channels DVR will copy its default comskip.ini to the Logs/comskip folder.

@tmm1 would you consider adding the VideoRedo Project file output to the default comskip.ini?