Virtual Channel Rants

Who knows when it will be addressed, I thought the fixes today would have addressed at least the shortcut but I guess not.

I wouldn't hold my breath for a quick answer, I’ve been reporting very annoying issues with virtual channels since it’s inception like this, previous channel, auto cc even though they are off that are really hampering the tv watching experience.

I guess the people with 6 servers, xsteve, mce buddy and voodoo dolls in order just to get their price is right episodes into emby because that’s what they prefer get better and prompt feedback than actual core function bugs of the software that lets you watch tv.

It’s not a knock on them, but I just don’t understand we just have to wait and see.

And before anyone bitches, it’s humor:

The problem seems to be everyone is too quick respond with malice and vulgarities. I guess we all need to ensure that such posts are properly tagged/signed with /s or </sarcasm>; of course, even then YMMV. (I myself have been guilty of this, too; no one is immune. I suppose I need to start ensuring those /s's are added before posting, as well.)

But, more to the point:

I think this is more to the fact that solutions to the seemingly niche and esoteric requests are more easily implemented. Remember, making some seem easy, elegant, and just right is actually much much more difficult, especially if you want it done right!

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Virtual Channels were only just recently introduced, as a "pre-release" feature, so I think your expectations might need some calibration in this context.


Maybe I am in the minority but I have very different expectations for software that costs $25 vs software that costs $250, that is developed by a small dedicated team of coders vs a megalopoly.

I am 99 percent satisfied with Channels, love they fix stuff every day, many times a day, add new features and so far don’t charge extra for them.

So people who are expecting perfect code, that works across every conceivable streaming device and server and never has an unforeseen bug are just off the mark. You paid $25, chill out and be glad you get so much for so little.

Oh and it’s beta software, bugs expected!

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A cheerleader with the keys, this place is great.

Maybe all our cycles are synchronized. We might need a time out.


You win the internet today

Woohoo! What do I get?

Apparently the bug with virtual channels and directing a client to open one over the network is a known—and non-trivial—bug.

Is that why you were mean to Milton via PM’s earlier today?

Hey look at that, it spells pms :joy::joy::joy:

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That’s what I get? No acceptable.

Lol. I tried but got hungry.

I would say it’s the thought that counts but it DOES NOT. Hungry.

Hey look at that, I was right and in the right thread. Too bad someone seeking attention had to derail yet another thread. But have to give him some credit, his need for attention created this gem of a thread :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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