VisionOS port/integration

VisionOS app to allow channels on as a window in virtual space and integrate in control mechanisms.

Whilst Vision Pro hasn't been released a development environment is available for use along with visionOS simulation.

We don't have anything to share about VisionOS at the moment.

Anything to share now?


I take that back. We have no immediate plans work on a native version of Channels for visionOS, nor do we plan to make the iPad version available (at launch) in compatibility mode.

Developing a native version for visionOS comes with extreme opportunity cost. For every second we spend on that, we can't spend it on the rest of the Channels ecosystem.

We think our time, currently, is spent better on our existing software (and customers!) than on Apple Vision Pro. This isn't forever of course, but with the very small audience it will have, vs our existing fans, it just doesn't make sense.


thanks fair answer, especially on native version

shame about the ipad version being blocked - is that just a you don't know it will work issue / don't believe apples claims or is definitely broken?

From a recent Ars article about Netflix not shipping any visionOS app in any form:

There are two ways Netflix could have supported visionOS more directly. The company could have developed a full-fledged mixed reality app like Disney+ did, with visionOS-specific features. Or it could have at least adapted its iPad app to work well within visionOS.

The latter, while not completely trivial, is relatively easy for a company with Netflix's development resources, so it's hard not to see this as a deliberate snub.

(Emphasis added) Note the "non-trivial" attribution.


thanks that gave be the breadcrumb trail i needed to understand, apples marketing claims definitely far from the truth.... this is for anyone else reading along at home..... this is a list of a lot of things that are not supported

Checking whether your existing app is compatible with visionOS | Apple Developer Documentation

No one has the hardware. It’d be absurd to deliver software to our fans without having tried it ourselves. We could release it, but not before we ensure it’s actually working well.


I’m afraid this doesn’t really explain not allowing the iPad app to work in compatibility mode. Please offer this. I’m getting one and it will be very frustrating if you don’t put in the minimal effort required to make that work, at least. Very out of character since I find your support for other apple platforms to be outstanding.

My read from the aforementioned article/statement is that enabling visionOS support within iPad apps is more involved than a simple checkbox; in order for the iPad app to work, the developers would have to focus resources specifically towards modifying the code to work on visionOS, which is more work than required to get the iPad app to work on macOS.


We have not used our own software on this new platform.

No one has used this piece of hardware.

I’m not sure what else to say but that. This should be enough.


I suspect they'll come around. People always underestimate Apple's new products. AVP is particularly frightening, because the initial release as a Pro version is so expensive. While AVP is a product, VisionOS is a platform, and the hardware for it is going to exist in different versions over time -- certainly in some much less expensive versions. AR/VR is not going away and neither is Apple.

The AVP hardware appears to have sold around 180,000 units the first weekend (more than expected), and the percentage of AVP users who would use Channels is much higher than the percentage of Mac users who would use Channels. So, I think the value proposition will become clear to them.

I have an AVP coming, and I'm willing to wait for a while. If Channels doesn't come around and at least minimally support it, I'll be sad, but I'll probably just move on to a system that does.

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I'm excited to experience it, work has one on the way. A close friend and client has another, so we'll be experimenting. I think it's exciting technology and I'm eager to see how the notion of "spatial computing" plays out in the next 5-10 years. I'm also always happy to be "that guy trying out the Channels client on any screen imaginable" :slight_smile: Happy to share notes and/or feedback when the time is appropriate.

In the meantime, without an actual client or iPad version running on Vision Pro, we should still have the same access, at least via Safari and the Channel DVR management page. Sure, it's not as elegant as an app, iPad version or otherwise -- but at least that's enough to be able to navigate to live TV, movies and recorded content we'd like to watch inside visionOS. It'll be the same with Netflix content. At least for now? :man_shrugging:t2:

The beta app has been added to visionOS compatibility so it should be available via TestFlight for all of us to try today.

Just to be clear, this is in iPad compatibility mode.


Someone please post screenshots and videos if you are able to. I’m curious.


It's still not available in TestFlight. I'm still trying to figure out why, but as usual, Apple things are a black box.

The TestFlight beta (iPad app) is now available on visionOS.'s not that bad!


Apple Vision Pro Screenshots - Playground - Channels Community (

Thanks maddox!

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Have fun everyone! Happy Apple Vision Pro weekend!