Was there a new release to FireTV?

The Channels this morning is terrible out of sync and the ticker at the bottom of the screen is no longer smooth .... All other Apps on my FireTV Cube do not have this problem ..

Channels DVR 2.1.20

DVR Version

No, probably try and restart your FireTV. You can also try and restart your TV, not just put it in standby mode.

I did all that still out of sync and ticker is unsteady .... HDHomeRun APP , Emby KODI etc... are all fine.Is there a way I can go back to the release Prior to 2020.03.18.0649 to see if that is the problem ?

I have a recording going right now will reboot the NAS after 07:01 am PT

Do you have tuner sharing off? You have quality set to original? Using hardware decoder?

I have tuner sharing on I have Original On I tried both hardware and software .. Nothing has changed on my Setup.

Try turning off tuner sharing to see if that helps.

Thanks for your suggestions ... I switched over to my FiresTick 4K and paired my Echo Studio Soundsystem and everything is in sync .. so it appears to be a problem with my FireTV Cube going to reset to factory settings and try again .. Once again thanks will post back when all is done.

I reset the Cube ... I think there was an update to the New FireTV cube ... There appears to be a compatibility problem with Channels DVR ... As all my other APPS are in Sync... and perform fine ... Channels DVR lags on Video and sound is out of sync.

BTW it happens with tuner sharing and without tuner sharing.

What version of FireOS is installed?

Fire OS (PS7212/1296) ... It appears to be the way Channels is doing the Audio ... My System is Atmos ... I have FireTV New Cube with 2 Echo Studios. I just sent diagnostics.

There was definitely an update to FireTV over the past week. Two of my sticks (one 4k, one non-4k) both claimed they couldn't connect to wifi once. I did a power reset on each of them, and after letting them sit for a few minutes, they did reconnect on their own.

The thing is that everything is working fine SageTV miniclient , HdHomeRun APP, Emby and Plex the only thing that has a problem is Channels DVR.

Your logs are showing heavy frame dropping. Can you change back to Hardware decoder?

Same result .. I have tried every combination including surround sound on and off Diagnostics sent. For now I am using the KODI Channels DVR App to watch recordings and liveTV.

I'm not seeing this myself, although my input source is via TVHeadend, with UK Freesat / Sat>IP. I have 3 Fire Cube boxes.

Hardware decoding did not work properly for me on a number of channels, I seem to recall another thread here somewhere that said the same with UK channels (mainly Channel 5 HD and also a few other SD channels) I have to set it to Software.

My setup(s) are connected to Yamaha soundbars, Samsung TVs, everything is wired on dedicated switches for all TVHeadend/SatIP/Channels traffic.

Thanks for the info but my Setup is Totally Wireless ... 2 Echo Studios Paired Via WFI .. Paired to my FireTVCube Via WFI. Channels is the only app that has trouble with this setup. Channels on the Cube seems to be CPU Intensive compared to other APPS. I notice while monitoring it is Dropping Frames.

Same Problems starts off OK but after a few minutes starts dropping frames.... Will have to keep using KODI Channels DVR Plugin.

So you and I were discussing the same issue a week or two ago. I was having the same problem with my fire tv stick, and stereo pair. Turn your audio to gaming mode (which outputs the audio to the tv speakers instead) and see if that temporarily solves your issue. If it does, the stereo pair is causing stuttering issues somehow. I actually bought a fire tv cube today and I haven't had any issues with the stereo pair.

It is a Channels DVR Problem I gave up on trying different things the Channels DVR has never really worked great on the Fire TV Cube. I am not changing my surround systems just for Channels DVR every other App Plays great including the Channels DVR KODI Plugin.

These all play fine with my Atmos Surround Sound System. They all reside on the Same NAS System and do not drop frames. I watch livetv with KODI Cannels DVR Plugin no dropped frames ... I watch the same channel using Channels DVR lots of drop frames.... anyone can see what is the problem.


You are right about the Fire TV Cube. Channels does not work well with it. I gave up on even trying to use it with channels. Went back to Fire TV Stick 4K. The best in my opinion over all other clients. The cube would never start streaming OTA unless I hit the forward or right click once.

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