Watch Channels Full Screen in Teslas

Hey everyone, we took a moment to do a fun little project this week. Someone figured out how to force Tesla's built in browser into full screen mode, so we took the time to wrap up the hack into something nice for any Channels + Tesla fans.

Just visit:

You can read more about it here:


Very very cool. It works! I don't have out of home streaming enabled, and the car was on my home Wi-Fi at the time, but it went to full screen and allowed me to log in, super fast and no problem at all. Tempting!

has anyone gotten this to work? on my home wifi, i get "theater is not available right now, check your internet connection" and on LTE i get the guide to load but any time i try to watch something, it just sits there with the spinning circle forever...nothing ever actually plays.

awesome concept, but i haven't had any luck getting it to actually work.

Weird, I never saw that error. I assume you WERE In fact in park, since you were in front of your house.

We're you able to use the other Tesla Theater stuff under Entertainment?

This may be related: many websites have been up and down for me all day, including big ones like Amazon and PayPal. I think DNS servers are under attack somewhere. Both Channels DVR and TiVo have been failing to pull in show posters while the rest of the interface including local thumbnails work fine.

When trying the Tesla connection here, initially the browser couldn't find the page.Then it connected fine, just like other sites. (I still haven't tried to play anything, but I could log in.) What look like errors in the Tesla connection may just be a more normal failure to find websites.

yup, i specifically checked the other stuff like netflix and hulu to make sure it wasn't my internet. even plex (which isn't built into the car and runs thru tesla theater) worked...but channels would not. i tried multiple times before giving up.

tried again today...away from home i was able to get my recordings to play, but nothing live. anything i tried to watch that is on now was just the spinning circle but the video never actually loaded (although it did come up with the stats under the video that made it seem like it was running, it just didn't actually play).

came home, tried again in my garage...same "not available" message as yesterday.

When would you even use this though? Eventually some idiot will manage to find a way to use something like this (or any Tesla Theater feature) while in motion or using the non-autopilot “autopilot.”

Tesla Theater, released in the fall, has been a big hit with Tesla drivers. It’s great for when you’re supercharging on a road trip. I use it while waiting to pick my kid up in car pool, heh. As a parent, there’s lots of times you’re stuck in your car for 20 mins or so, just waiting.

We just thought it would be something fun, that took no time at all to implement.


Meanwhile Android TV users are still waiting for beta Channels DVR release notes...

I get the same error as crackers. Sitting in my garage on WiFi

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Just confirmed I was able to get this to work in my Model 3. Very cool thanks!

On a side note, since it's browser based, why doesn't it work while in motion? Not that I plan to watch TV while driving but would be nice for my passenger.

No video works while in motion, The video tag is disabled. The full screen function that the MCU does also bails out of full screen once shifted out of Park.

i should point out that somehow this started working for me, at least on the road. i watched several times while supercharging the past few days. i haven't tested to see if it works in my garage now, though...

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