What shows are coming up this week on CH#?


Would like to see this implemented somehow.

Pick a channel (FROM THE GUIDE MAYBE, by clicking on the channel/logo) and see what shows are coming up this week (7 days), not showing all episodes of everything, just shows and then be able to drill down into a show you’re interested in to get more info on the episodes.


Set a manual recording of a channel for specific date, time and duration
Search for an upcoming show/missing series episodes or something new/interesting

Is there any way to implement this?
Is there a json/xml/whatever way to do this in a browser, since it's not available in the DVR Web-UI?

zap2it used to have it available on it's older website, but the new one doesn't have it and they say they are working on it... Other TV Guide websites have it, (TiVo, TV Guide, Titan TV, etc.) but their guide data is not Gracenote and not accurate.

The only way I know how to do it in Channels DVR Web-UI is to set an Advanced Pass specifying the channel# as the only criteria,

but then I get a week worth of listings (up to 500) I have to scroll through in a floating list showing what's on during every timeslot, including duplicates.

I just want to see the names of upcoming shows/movies with a short synopsis of showname/moviename, not every episode/showing.

So in this example I just want to see that the following shows/movies are coming up;
The Hunt for Red October (1990)
Doctor Who
Planet Earth: Frozen Planet

Since I'm asking, it would also be nice to have the list in Alpha/Numeric sort order, like;
Doctor Who
Planet Earth: Frozen Planet
The Hunt for Red October (1990)

but airing order is better than no list at all!
The Hunt for Red October (1990)
Doctor Who
Planet Earth: Frozen Planet


The web UI gets that list as json. You could check the web inspector to see what url it uses, then make that same request and use a script to massage or filter the results and display them however you like.


Was following you until you said check the web inspector...
I'm not a web developer.
Here's what Firefox shows me

Now lost and don't want to fall into the rabbit hole.


Could you give me a hint?
I'm not a web developer and my Firefox "web inspector" doesn't help either.
I cannot see any json payload.
I can play with a json download, editing in NotePad++, but beyond that, it's over my head.

I use this to see what's coming up for the week on my 'Favorite' channels.

That's my way of seeing what's on, not only NEW, but something old that I may have missed seasons/episodes on, or something old I never watched, but now interesting. If I see a show/movie I'm interested in I could always do a search for it to get more info.

Like "Ultimate Ninja Challenge", which Discovery is now airing the last few episodes of that they only played on Discovery GO. https://community.getchannels.com/t/set-a-manual-recording-of-a-channel-for-specific-date-time-and-duration/7621



In your screenshot the inspector tab is selected. If you switch to network tab you can see the urls being requested and the json returned


Thanks, I see that but the returned json data doesn't help me do what I want.


OK, I see I could eventually figure this out, but it may take me a year or two to figure this out on my own.
I may move on to something else by then. I really don't want to learn Yet Another new tool...



I do see a post with a json response to http://chDVRip:8089/dvr/rules/test
It appears to be a POST to the DVR asking for what I'm looking for with a response.
I'm not sure how to duplicate that and capture the response though.
Can I do that via a web browser, or do I have to use curl, and if curl, how to...


In some browsers you can right click and copy curl command. Chrome does atleast



Thanks, you've given me some homework for the weekend.



I'm able to get what I need, though it's a manually intensive and time consuming process to capture and manipulate the json data into what I need. Since I only do this once/week, it's a workaround to not having it built in to the Channels DVR.

Since I'm not a developer, I open the json data in Notepad++, then manipulate it to get unique series-episode and movies using macro's and plugins to sort unique lines/columns of the json data.

Would still like to see this implemented in the DVR gui, if possible.


I would recommend jq for processing json

You can either download it or paste json into https://jqplay.org and use jq filters there.

For instance something like this would filter unique shows and movies and list their names: "unique_by(.SeriesID) | .Title"



Will look into that.
What I'm currently doing results in this output (manipulated json file) with unique Title, EpisodeTitle and Summary .

What's coming up on BBC America

"Title": "A Few Good Men (1992)","Summary": "Navy lawyers (Tom Cruise, Demi Moore) defend Marines for a murder at Gitmo.",
"Title": "Airplane! (1980)","Summary": "Flight-shy pilot (Robert Hays) follows ex (Julie Hagerty) into midair crisis.",
"Title": "Alien (1979)","Summary": "A merciless horror stalks the crew (Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver) of a deep-space freighter.",
"Title": "Contact (1997)","Summary": "A scientist seeks alien beings after receiving mysterious messages from deep space.",
"Title": "Cop Land (1997)","Summary": "New Jersey sheriff (Sylvester Stallone) tackles New York police cover-up.",
"Title": "Deep Impact (1998)","Summary": "A reporter (Tea Leoni) stumbles upon a story about a massive comet on a collision course with Earth.",
"Title": "Doctor Who","EpisodeTitle": "It Takes You Away","Summary": "On the edge of a Norwegian fjord, The Doctor and her friends discover a girl in need of their help.",
"Title": "Doctor Who","EpisodeTitle": "The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos","Summary": "The Doctor and her friends answer nine separate distress calls on the planet of Ranskoor Av Kolos.",
"Title": "Doctor Who","EpisodeTitle": "The Day of the Doctor","Summary": "The Doctor's dangerous past comes back to haunt him and threatens reality.",
"Title": "Doctor Who","EpisodeTitle": "Voyage of the Damned","Summary": "The Doctor tries to save the lives of the passengers on an orbiting cruise ship called Titanic.",
"Title": "Dune (1984)","Summary": "Paul Atreides leads the fight for vital spice on a desert planet in the year 10191.",
"Title": "Grudge Match (2013)","Summary": "A boxing promoter offers two rival boxers the chance to come out of retirement for one final bout.",
"Title": "Hidden Habitats","EpisodeTitle": "Galapagos","Summary": "Bizarre and unique creatures inhabit the Galapagos islands.",
"Title": "Hidden Habitats","EpisodeTitle": "Namib Desert","Summary": "Creatures and the adaptations that allow them to cope with a harsh environment.",
"Title": "Hidden Habitats","EpisodeTitle": "Serengeti","Summary": "The grassland of the Serengeti is home to herbivores in Africa.",
"Title": "Killing Eve","EpisodeTitle": "Don't I Know You?","Summary": "Villanelle kills a Chinese colonel at a kink clinic in Berlin; Eve and Bill travel to investigate.",
"Title": "Killing Eve","EpisodeTitle": "God, I'm Tired","Summary": "Villanelle is forced to take drastic measures; Eve makes a shocking discovery.",
"Title": "Killing Eve","EpisodeTitle": "I Don't Want to Be Free","Summary": "Eve starts to question who she can trust; with her sights firmly set on Villanelle, Eve goes rogue.",
"Title": "Killing Eve","EpisodeTitle": "I Have a Thing About Bathrooms","Summary": "Having survived a close call with Villanelle, Eve now has the mole ensconced in a safe house.",
"Title": "Killing Eve","EpisodeTitle": "I'll Deal With Him Later","Summary": "Eve is given a dream opportunity to join a secret MI6 unit tracking Villanelle.",
"Title": "Killing Eve","EpisodeTitle": "Nice Face","Summary": "When a Russian politician is murdered, Eve is tasked with protecting the only witness.",
"Title": "Killing Eve","EpisodeTitle": "Sorry Baby","Summary": "Intel from Berlin points to the existence of a mole; Eve conducts her first surveillance operation.",
"Title": "Killing Eve","EpisodeTitle": "Take Me to the Hole!","Summary": "Eve and Carolyn head out to Moscow to negotiate access to a female assassin.",
"Title": "Planet Earth II","EpisodeTitle": "Cities","Summary": "Cities serve as places of surprising opportunity for animals to thrive.",
"Title": "Planet Earth II","EpisodeTitle": "Deserts","Summary": "The hostile conditions of Earth's desert regions give rise to incredible survival stories on Earth.",
"Title": "Planet Earth II","EpisodeTitle": "Grasslands","Summary": "Grasslands cover one quarter of all land and support the greatest gatherings of wildlife on Earth.",
"Title": "Planet Earth II","EpisodeTitle": "Islands","Summary": "Remote islands offer sanctuary; pygmy three-toed sloth resides on a Caribbean island.",
"Title": "Planet Earth II","EpisodeTitle": "Jungles","Summary": "From the jungles of Brazil to Costa Rica, animals face life in the most competitive place on Earth.",
"Title": "Planet Earth II","EpisodeTitle": "Mountains","Summary": "The secretive lives of mountain animals; snow leopards come together to help a mother and cub.",
"Title": "Planet Earth II","EpisodeTitle": "The Making of Planet Earth II","Summary": "Behind the scenes with each episode's production team, revealing the challenges they encountered.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Africa","EpisodeTitle": "Cape","Summary": "Two ocean currents sweep around and shape the continent's Great Cape.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Africa","EpisodeTitle": "Congo","Summary": "In Africa's rainforest, animals find ingenious ways to make a life in a claustrophobic landscape.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Africa","EpisodeTitle": "Kalahari","Summary": "Deserts sit side-by-side Africa, and in spite of the lack of water, they are teeming with life.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Africa","EpisodeTitle": "Sahara","Summary": "The vast wilderness of the Sahara desert, in North Africa, is the toughest part of the continent.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Africa","EpisodeTitle": "Savannah","Summary": "In the constantly changing climate of east Africa, creatures must be able to deal.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Blue Planet II","EpisodeTitle": "Big Blue","Summary": "Special pressure-proofed cameras capture Sperm whales on the hunt for squid in the Big Blue.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Blue Planet II","EpisodeTitle": "Coasts","Summary": "The story of how wildlife survives in this ever-changing world.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Blue Planet II","EpisodeTitle": "Coral Reefs","Summary": "A turtle heads to the reef's equivalent of a health spa, but must use trickery to avoid the queue.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Blue Planet II","EpisodeTitle": "Green Seas","Summary": "In green seas, sunlight powers the growth of seagrass prairies, kelp forests and algae blooms.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Blue Planet II","EpisodeTitle": "One Ocean","Summary": "Life exists in nearly every part of the oceans, and the different regions present unique challenges.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Blue Planet II","EpisodeTitle": "The Deep","Summary": "An unimaginable abundance of life in the pitch-black darkness of the seabed.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Frozen Planet","EpisodeTitle": "Autumn","Summary": "Adelie penguin chicks huddle together and two chicks take their first swim.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Frozen Planet","EpisodeTitle": "On Thin Ice","Summary": "Rising temperatures are transforming the Poles and the implications are far-reaching.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Frozen Planet","EpisodeTitle": "Spring","Summary": "Spring in the polar regions; the greatest seasonal transformation of the planet begins.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Frozen Planet","EpisodeTitle": "Summer","Summary": "Summer speeds up life for polar wildlife as they raise their young while the sun never sets.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Frozen Planet","EpisodeTitle": "The Epic Journey","Summary": "The highlights from the series; a view of the entire polar year from winter through summer.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Frozen Planet","EpisodeTitle": "The Last Frontier","Summary": "Studying how traditional and modern people both live in the harshest environment on the planet.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Frozen Planet","EpisodeTitle": "The Making of Frozen Planet","Summary": "Filmmakers reveal the challenges they faced while making "Planet Earth: Frozen Planet."",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Frozen Planet","EpisodeTitle": "To the Ends of the Earth","Summary": "The Arctic and Antarctic are the greatest and least known wildernesses.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Frozen Planet","EpisodeTitle": "Winter","Summary": "The story of the few extreme survivors who remain in the polar regions during winter.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Life","EpisodeTitle": "Birds","Summary": "Birds can fly at high speeds and cover great distances, but also can show murderous tendencies.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Life","EpisodeTitle": "Challenges of Life","Summary": "The diversity of animals and plants, and stories of survival in nature.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Life","EpisodeTitle": "Creatures of the Deep","Summary": "An investigation of marine invertebrates and the way they thrive in the toughest parts of the ocean.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Life","EpisodeTitle": "Fish","Summary": "The secret and ferocious world of the great white shark, sailfish, puffer fish and barracuda.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Life","EpisodeTitle": "Hunters and Hunted","Summary": "Explore the battles fought daily between carnivores and their prey around the world.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Life","EpisodeTitle": "Insects","Summary": "The world's most diverse animal group, insects possess fearsome weapons but also show tenderness.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Life","EpisodeTitle": "Mammals","Summary": "Millions of fruit bats migrate from the Congo to Zambia; a sengis escapes death; whale fight.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Life","EpisodeTitle": "Plants","Summary": "Time-lapse photography reveals all the drama of the plant world, unable to be seen by the naked eye.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Life","EpisodeTitle": "Primates","Summary": "Primates are intelligent, capable of problem solving, communicating and social interaction.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Life","EpisodeTitle": "Reptiles and Amphibians","Summary": "Reptiles and amphibians live on every continent except Antarctica.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: One Amazing Day (2017)","Summary": "Filmmakers Richard Dale, Peter Webber and Fan Lixin capture the awesome beauty of nature in one day.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: South Pacific","EpisodeTitle": "Castaways","Summary": "The South Pacific region has 20,000 islands and every one has been colonized.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: South Pacific","EpisodeTitle": "Endless Blue","Summary": "Larger than all the worlds land masses combined, the Pacific is the vastest ocean on Earth.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: South Pacific","EpisodeTitle": "Fragile Paradise","Summary": "Fishing fleets take a toll on the South Pacific's sharks, albatross and tuna.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: South Pacific","EpisodeTitle": "Ocean of Islands","Summary": "A closer look into the blue will reveal a scattering of islands.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: South Pacific","EpisodeTitle": "Ocean of Volcanoes","Summary": "Witness the birth, growth and death of an island in the greatest ocean on Earth.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: South Pacific","EpisodeTitle": "Strange Islands","Summary": "Wildlife has evolved in extraordinary ways on the isolated islands of the South Pacific.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Blue Planet","EpisodeTitle": "Coasts","Summary": "Animals, including turtles and seals, that depend upon the land as much as they do the sea.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Blue Planet","EpisodeTitle": "Coral Seas","Summary": "Examining the fragile ecosystems and colorful life surrounding coral reefs.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Blue Planet","EpisodeTitle": "Frozen Seas","Summary": "Life on the edge of frozen seas near the North and South poles.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Blue Planet","EpisodeTitle": "Seasonal Seas","Summary": "Plankton use sunlight as an energy source in temperate-sea habitats.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Blue Planet","EpisodeTitle": "The Blue Planet","Summary": "Oceans dominate the world's weather systems while supporting a wide range of life.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Blue Planet","EpisodeTitle": "The Deep","Summary": "Mountain ranges, perpetual night, pressure and temperature extremes create unusual life forms.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Blue Planet","EpisodeTitle": "Tidal Seas","Summary": "Ocean tides create a friendly environment for many sea creatures.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Hunt","EpisodeTitle": "Hunger at Sea - Oceans","Summary": "Following blue whales, sharks, sea lions, frigate birds, dolphins and albatrosses.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Hunt","EpisodeTitle": "In the Grip of Seasons - Arctic","Summary": "The only option for the Arctic's top predators is to continually adapt.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Hunt","EpisodeTitle": "Living With Predators - Conservation","Summary": "Scientists attempt to preserve the world's top predators; natural history footage.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Hunt","EpisodeTitle": "Nowhere to Hide - Plains","Summary": "In grassland or desert habitats, predators have an easy time spotting prey.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Hunt","EpisodeTitle": "Race Against Time - Coasts","Summary": "Predators from air, land and sea come together on the coast; coasts are ever-changing.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: The Hunt","EpisodeTitle": "The Hardest Challenge","Summary": "The contests between predators and prey are the most dramatic events in nature.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Wild West","EpisodeTitle": "Desert Heartlands","Summary": "Nevada deserts; giant-cactus studded lands of Arizona; the Mojave Desert in California.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Wild West","EpisodeTitle": "The High Country","Summary": "America's High Country is the land of grizzly bears and giant trees.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Yellowstone","EpisodeTitle": "Autumn","Summary": "Elk move down from the mountains and beavers repair their dams in preparation for winter.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Yellowstone","EpisodeTitle": "Summer","Summary": "Summer in Yellowstone is fickle, as August is the only month when it does not snow.",
"Title": "Planet Earth: Yellowstone","EpisodeTitle": "Winter","Summary": "It's winter in Yellowstone and the elk and bison are being weakened by the cold.",
"Title": "Rambo III (1988)","Summary": "Loner Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) rescues mentor (Richard Crenna) from Soviets in Afghanistan.",
"Title": "Rambo: First Blood (1982)","Summary": "Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) takes on sheriff (Brian Dennehy) and National Guard.",
"Title": "Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)","Summary": "A former Green Beret goes on a reconnaissance mission to spring MIAs from a Viet Cong prison.",
"Title": "Real Genius (1985)","Summary": "Prodigies (Val Kilmer, Gabe Jarret) learn laser work is for death beam.",
"Title": "Revenge of the Nerds (1984)","Summary": "College freshmen (Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards) form fraternity for computer geeks.",
"Title": "Sherlock","EpisodeTitle": "A Scandal in Belgravia","Summary": "A case of blackmail is more than just a threat to topple the monarchy.",
"Title": "Sherlock","EpisodeTitle": "A Study in Pink","Summary": "A string of apparent suicides has Scotland Yard baffled in London 2010.",
"Title": "Sherlock","EpisodeTitle": "The Blind Banker","Summary": "Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of murders linked to a mysterious cipher.",
"Title": "Sherlock","EpisodeTitle": "The Great Game","Summary": "Sherlock plunges into a battle of wits when faced with a unusual clue in an empty room.",
"Title": "Sherlock","EpisodeTitle": "The Hounds of Baskerville","Summary": "Sherlock and John investigate when their client's father is killed by a monstrous creature.",
"Title": "Star Trek","EpisodeTitle": "A Taste of Armageddon","Summary": "The Enterprise is declared destroyed in a planet's ongoing war with a neighbor.",


Purpose is to quickly get through the list of what's coming up for the week on that channel (multiply that by the favorite channels I do this with).

Only want to see Series as unique SeriesName-EpisodeDescription (since season and episode aren't always accurate or available and sometimes OAD is used instead of Season-Episode and aren't always accurate either, if this gets implemented and others want S##E## or OAD included, then please make those optional)
and to see Movies as MovieName (YEAR)-Movie description.

At this point in my search I don't care what day or time of day it airs on that channel.

Would be great if one could click on an entry and be taken to the Search page for it to schedule a recording, but without that it's 99% there as I could manually do the search.